20 years later, the iPod is still my favorite device

20 years later the iPod is still my favorite device.jpgsignatureea971b89fd45dd9041d16a7f073260d7

Age is a blessing - but it's also terrifying. Especially when I realized it had been 20 years since the iPod was launched.

As soon as I stopped hyperventilating, I realized this was okay. Why? Because the iPod changed my life. And, to this day, I believe this is the greatest device ever created.

It did not start like that, however. Before I got my hands on an iPod, I thought MP3 players were silly.

The year is 2005. I am about 16 and have been building a CD collection for several years (one I still have, shout the Marantz CD6007).

I had discarded portable CD players a few years ago, mainly because they jumped all the time and were too big to carry around - especially since I was doing manual work on the weekends.

So, around 2001, I saved up to get myself a Panasonic MP3 player.