20 years of memories of listening to the iPod

20 years of memories of listening to the iPod.jpegsignaturee7df6940c36001ea2db4bb8dce95c124

As a tech journo, I love it when people share their knowledge of technology with me. It's much more interesting than a review that someone pays for writing or marketing blurb. So to mark the 20th anniversary of the iPod, I contacted several people I know to hear their stories. Just friends, some times, and old PR for Apple…


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    I remember uploading my trusty oldiPod with my favorite music before I traveled around Europe back in 2008 (I was 22). About a month into the nine-month journey, my iPod stopped working and it felt like the biggest crash ever!

    Luckily for me, I visited the Apple store in London and used very encouraging language (threatening to buy Iriver and not supporting Apple again.) This caused a new one for free though I was two months out of warranty, and I still am today.

    Having lost all my music, I ended up collecting music from lots of different people I had met while traveling for the next eight months. I found so much cool stuff that I hadn't heard about that literally for years I was discovering cool music (13th floor elevators, Death cab for cutie, Broken Social Scene, the list goes on ) by picking up something random on my iPod.

    - Ceit Walker