4 improvements that Google Maps should make for cyclists

4 improvements that Google Maps should make for cyclists.jpgsignaturee5b49b0e153764505f342168bf46b1ff

Google Maps has recently added a number of cycling features as more people have adopted bicycles, e - bikes and electric scooters during a coronary virus outbreak. And despite how much I appreciate some of these updates, as I have started exploring other applications aimed at cycling, the boundaries of Google Maps have been limited. increasingly apparent.

Here are just a few changes that I believe could make Google Maps much more attractive to cyclists.

Let me plan and save routes in advance

I get it, Google Maps is mostly aimed at travelers and people who take an immediate trip from time to time. It aims to get you from point A to B as efficiently as possible, as far as the app knows.

But sometimes I don’t want to get out somewhere as soon as possible. Sometimes I want to take the scenic route. Sometimes I want to go up hills unnecessarily for exercise. At other times I want the opposite - to reduce sweating as much as possible.

Yes, there are other apps that are going to do this - my favorite app is Komoot - and you can plot routes in Google Maps using roundabout methods. But Google Maps is often the most suitable, and unfortunately, the best thing you can do with the mobile version of the Google Maps app is add a few stops and look at the routes gone .

Allowing users to plan their route in advance would not only increase flexibility, but also help consumers feel safer by becoming more confident. path decisions. It also means that you could easily save your favorite workflows - and it's not hard to see how Google could integrate such activity with Google Fit.

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Heat maps

Even though I'm just trying to get from point A to point B, the best bike paths don't always follow car traffic patterns or use cycle paths. In my own neighborhood, I know to avoid some streets with difficult cycle paths. At times I would rather go down a quiet, wide residential street without a bike line than a busy road with an unprotected bike lane that leaves me just a foot or two away from angry drivers.


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