62nd Grammy winners predicted by artificial intelligence

1642155406 62nd Grammy winners predicted by artificial intelligence

DataRobot hopes to perform again after successfully using AI to select last year’s song.

If you have a silver lining on who wins at the 62nd annual Grammys this coming Sunday, prediction tips are available, and it's not insider trading, it's artificial intelligence (AI) .

Last year, Boston-based data science company DataRobot successfully selected Childish Gambino's 2022 song of the year, "This is America." This year, DataRobot hopes to revisit that win.

Some of the top nominees are Lizzo, who has eight nominations, Lil Nas X with six nominees, and Billie Eilish with nominations in the top four categories, according to CBS News.

Taylor Larkin, a data scientist with the company, used the DataRobot AI campaign platform to predict the winners for this year’s song and album.

DataRobot takes advantage of machine learning models to learn from the past to predict the future, Larkin said. “For a Grammy prediction, the past is named and winners and the future is Grammy's future.

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He said: “Using historical data on Grammy nominees and winners dating back to 1959, I passed this information to DataRobot, which created hundreds of candidate learning models. Then I chose the model that had the best performance on the latest five. award ceremonies. "

In terms of accuracy, Larkin stated that DataRobot “tests and validates all models, ranking them on a benchmark, according to forecast performance.

“The DataRobot platform and the data are constantly evolving,” Larkin said. "The first in terms of accuracy and capabilities, and the last in terms of mix and accessibility."

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If Grammy musicians and presenters can get free of drama, AI will be like a watery cat kit on Monday. In addition to technology-backed predictions, AI will appear on the red carpet. Don't forget the old "who are you?" questions, as AI hosts a preview, while the 1,500 artists jump from limos and make their way into the auditorium.

Starting four hours before the televised awards show, on Grammy.com, and thanks to a partnership between IBM and the Recording Academy, IBM took over 18 million documents and data sources on this year's Grammy nominees, and they pulled down to the most interesting ones. knobs about each artist, to create Grammy Insights by Watson, which is a modern version of the popular 90s Pop-Up Video. The final installment of Grammy Insights will be broadcast live on CBS.

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And with the nominees, presenters and attendees running the number of reporters on the red carpet, they are likely to say who they like, but may not name details, for fear of “jinxing” or embarrassment. But that's okay. AI has done the work for them.

This year's DataRobot prediction for both song and album features close competition:

Song of the Year

  • Lewis Capaldi, "Someone You Loved" - 35.25%
  • Billie Eilish, "bad boy" - 33.53%
  • Lana Del Rey, "Norman F *** in Rockwell" - 26.86%

Schedule of the Year

  • Billie Eilish, "bad boy" - 31.10%
  • Lil Nas X, "Old City Road" - 29.53%
  • Bon Iver, "Hey, Ma" - 19.23%

DataRobot doesn’t rest on its laurels for last year’s forecast accuracy, and Sunday’s show results.

The company's AI is not just for prediction, Larkin said, "DataRobot's usage issues are mixed and its AI enterprise platform can be used across any industry, such as banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, and many more. more. "

The company has supported small nonprofits “saving lives in developing countries, healthcare providers improve patient outcomes, retailers reduce investment waste, and the largest financial institutions The world's better service to their customers and reduce threats, "said Larkin.


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    Release: The Grammys will be broadcast on February 26, 2022 at 8pm ET on CBS. ViacomCBS is a parent company of CBS Interactive, which owns TechRepublic.


    BTS, seen here on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, appeared at the Grammy's 2022 in a song collaboration with Lil Naz X.

    Image: CBS / The Late Show by Stephen Colbert

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