70% of job seekers believe that automation skills are a key way to find a new position

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New Poll Harris finds that Americans who want a fringe are trying to bolster their CV credentials with the most demanding skills.

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30 million Americans are unemployed. A new Poll Harris commissioned by Zapier found that two out of five employees say they were let off by their employer because of COVID-19. At least 70% of current job seekers - those who are unemployed or working and looking - believe that automation is the best way to get a new job done. The number is even higher (86%) among those with a college degree or higher.

According to the survey, "The Job Seekers Report," 30% have added automation to their resumes, and 31% said they intended to do so. With so many job seekers adding to their skill set with the keyword "automation," Zapier's study asked, "is it possible for employers to notice the neglect?"

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It makes sense that many Americans are looking to develop new skills or gain existing ones - competing with the 41% who lost their jobs due to the pandemic , and those who are unemployed as well, as well as those who have jobs but need or want to make a change.

A majority (83%) have either learned automation skills or have been doing so soon. The need and desire for efficiency may stem from the need to increase the required time available. Hours of work always come at the expense of those at home who are distance learners or those who have a responsibility to help or even teach those remote learners.

Many are still working remotely, with offices closed, and burdened with uncertainty about when and if they will return to their offices. Many businesses have already transitioned to a remote, virtual office.

The main benefits of automation are:

  • Making you more efficient - 42%
  • Helps you save time - 42%
  • Allows you to do more in a day - 37%
  • It will help you become a better employee - 35%
  • Saving your hassle on difficult tasks - 29%
  • Helps you focus on important tasks - 26%
  • Save you from learning technical skills - 24%
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Automation skills are valued across a number of industries and projects, including high-visibility (and popular) robots, mobile phones, healthcare, entertainment, manufacturing, education, product delivery, transportation , DevOps, IT Ops, software testing, home support products, and more.

It’s not just Zapier who’s looking for an auto boost. As TechRepublic reported in May, automation could lead to a recovery without further work, according to Forrester. The company's report, "COVID - 19 Crisis Accelerates Enterprise Automation Plans," highlighted the importance of automation for companies looking to "reduce their exposure to future business disruption . "

Leslie Joseph, author of the Forrester report, said: "[A]Utomation is a big move within most of the big SIs and consulting firms, which are strongly building up their work. In fact, many SIs began with large automation practices by actively integrating automation into their own delivery and back office operations, at considerable scale. "

The article in TechRepublic noted, "Another caveat that may lead to fewer job losses is the expectation that large - scale automation of business processes and operations will not be routine, repetitive necessarily leading to large-scale job relocation. "

Joseph told TechRepublic: "Automation is not just like implementing conventional technology. It requires the significant involvement and support of existing staff. Successful automation leaders will bring their people on the journey .This includes elements of refilling people whose jobs are on the side with bots, to bring them back to help run and manage their bots. 'own automation program. "

Method: Harris voted 2,069 U.S. adults, 18 or older, online from July 14 to July 16.


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