800% increase in VA telehealth trips during COVID-19 pandemic with increase from T-Mobile

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Nearly 20,000 veterinarians connect daily with the VA telehealth app as a result of a two-year partnership.

Telehealth visits have become the norm during the time of the virus, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has nearly 20,000 telehealth visits per day, an increase of 800% since then before the outbreak. spread.

About two years ago, T-Mobile and the VA formed a partnership to ensure that veterinarians can connect with their doctors from the safety of their home, without having to travel or lose work. Many vets live in more rural areas and have to travel an average of 25 to 50 miles for healthcare.

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In December 2022, the VA and T-Mobile launched the partnership, VA Video Connect, which included 70,000 lines of unlimited T-Mobile wireless service to power the VA telehealth app.

“Not only is telehealth important and, for many, the current preference for the COVID-19 crisis, but for the millions of veterans living in rural America, it is sometimes the only option for regular healthcare, ”said Mike Katz, EVP, T-Mobile. for business, in a press release.

T-Mobile's national service keeps veterans in rural communities connected to their doctors and has the bandwidth to support this huge increase in telehealth trips. "

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About a third of the country's nine million veterans live in these rural communities and due to the length of time required for long journeys to healthcare, veterinarians have had to choose to visit. with a medical care professional needed and a job needed. . Veterinarians do not have to juggle or make decisions choosing their health and work.

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In addition to its partnership with the VA, T-Mobile is offering up to 50% off family phones on a shared plan for armed families.

“Veterans and caregivers face difficult decisions with limited cell data plans on how best to use their cell data,” said executive adviser Deborah Scher, who heads the center for partnerships before -echnical.

"Partnerships like this greatly expand veterans' access to unique and innovative health care services." optional.


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