A complete review of Mark Zuckerberg's bookshelves

A complete review of Mark Zuckerbergs bookshelves.jpgsignature7c4342d0bd0e6eeb1f53c10724416a82

There are an unlimited number of articles we could write about on Facebook, sorry, Meta at performance at their Connect event.

The whole thing was a train wreck. It's a situation where I feel locked in between laughter ("man, Zuckerberg really does not have self - awareness") and horror (he really wants to control time the future of the internet ”).

But I cannot allow my journalistic powers to be weighed down by such concerns. I have a job, no, a public service to do. And I have to do it.

So please join me on a review of Mark Zuckerberg's bookshelves.


    The smoking gun

    About one minute and 45 seconds into the Facebook Connect show, the Zuck speaks in front of this wall: