A new dark subject theory has a terrific explanation for the expansion of the universe

A new dark subject theory has a terrific explanation for.jpgsignature2afe5e62d55484ef01b7ccae2f78976d

A new theory published in APS physics seeks to explain the origin and multiplication of a dark matter by introducing a simple concept: what if a dark matter can turn a constant object into a dark matter ?

Above: Physicists have long suspected that a dark matter has existed as far as the universe or was created as a result of the Big Bang event. We are not quite sure, but that is because no one has ever seen a dark matter.

We assume it exists because we see things and events that we are can look for a response something secret. Scientists who believe in the theory of the dark matter (arguably, most physicists) tend to agree that the universe may be usually dark matter.

But there is a problem. There seems to be too much dark matter in the universe. Residual dark matter from the Big Bang or whatever that does not completely explain how the stuff seems to be everywhere.

Background: The team’s paper suggests some advanced math to deal with a dark matter at a universal scale, but trying physics is something you can’t look at is a hard nut to crack.

However, you don’t have to be a psychologist to understand that a universe where a dark subject could turn into a dark matter can be short-lived.

As anyone who has ever played Go knows, when two players get a completely equal starting position, the one with the most advanced strategy wins.

However, a Go game where only one player can turn the other pieces is a sure win for the winning player.

In other words: A universe where dark matter worked under the same rules as Romero zombies (zombies can turn humans into zombies, but humans can't turn zombies into humans) would be one that would quickly filled with a dark matter.

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But there is a catch! Our universe is expanding. Scientists explain how matter can continue in a universe where dark matter has power by pointing out that dark matter cannot turn a constant matter if the cosmos is stretched. away from it.

Take action quickly: The theory feels pretty cool. I especially like the part where the universe is basically like Sandra Bullock in the movie Speed; if it stops expanding at a certain level we will all be overwhelmed by eternal darkness.

But I have to wonder: if the universe is expanding away from dark matter, what fills the gaps?

Read the interesting paper here on APS Physics.

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