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AARP Innovation Labs takes a holistic approach to age technology

When young (or young) people think of age technology, they may see mostly clinical solutions - telemedicine platforms, for example. But getting older is not just a physical part. Loneliness, for example, is a real problem for the elderly, especially during the pandemic. And older people still need to manage their daily routines and finances, not just design estates and wills.

AARP Innovation Labs, the incentive program, highlights the many facets of aging in their CES keynote presentation with a list of start-up businesses divided into five groups: community, clinic, wellbeing, financial services and housing.

The program involved fintech start-ups due to the economic impact of the pandemic, with a focus on three companies that “help aging numbers manage finances and budgets better, and plan effectively for the future. “Originally created to teach children and adolescents financial literacy, Goalsetter is expanding its reach to more people with savings and investment management tools. Sexuality creates current financial forecasts based on consumers' health and lifestyle habits, medical conditions and retirement goals, showing them how many years they may have to work before they retire. the role and and to what point they need extended care. At the same time, Trust & Will makes it easy for families to create protection, bequest and trust plans.

Loneliness was a real problem for older adults even before COVID-19 and the pandemic has exacerbated loneliness. AARP Innovation addresses this issue with a range of “community” start-ups. While many people already rely on other video chat apps, Kinoo wants to make the experience suitable for families with old friends who live away from them. IoT toys for kids that allow them to play games and do projects with their grandparents and other family members through the Kinoo app.

A board token play system, Gameboard, also allows family members to enjoy fun time, instead of just chat time, together. It hosts hundreds of games, including role-playing games. Beeyonder is a marketplace for expert, expertly guided live tours around the world, and will help reduce the fatigue of staying at home while the pandemic slows down.

Many of the startup companies in AARP incubator focus on aging in their place, or helping seniors stay in their homes instead of moving to a care facility. Its “Housing” category consisted of three companies focusing on personal mobility. Camino Robotics creates e-rollators, or smart walkers with features that help people walk over slopes and uneven surfaces, automatically braking as they go downhill. and folding into the “tight mode” for navigating tight spaces. Braze Mobility claims that it can turn any wheelchair into a sleek wheelchair with patent-pending blind spot sensors that warn of obstacles through lights, sounds and vibration. At the same time, NexStride De Oro Devices, created for people with Parkinson's disease, is a small device that can be attached to cans and walkers and uses audio and visual calls to provide users with help him get over frozen events and go on longer walks.

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At the same time, Tellus is a start - up company that helps people live on their own with small wall - mounted sensors that can monitor biometric data, including heart rate, breathing, sleeping and falling, from up to five meters away, and contacting carers and family members. through app.

In its wellbeing segment, AARP Innovation showcased three startup companies with a focus on overall health and wellbeing. Among them was Zibrio, which was also part of the AARP CES line last year. Zibrio is a scale that not only measures weight, but also measures a person's balance and risk of falls. The company says the Zibrio balancing scale can predict whether you are in danger of falling within the next 12 months, and its app then provides personalized care recommendations. While many people monitor their nutrition and exercise with apps like MyFitnessPal or Noom, Mighty Health was developed specifically for people over the age of 50. It connects users to a health coach and features nutrition and exercise plans created for older adults.

Mental wellbeing is also very important. Ompractice was started to help people with “geographical, economic and inclusion barriers” to access health, wellness and awareness traits by partnering with a fitness studio and working with large organizations, which introducing health systems, to make their services accessible to consumers.

Indeed, the development of health care and the delivery of health services for older adults is of paramount importance, especially in the United States with its fragmented health care system. Covered under the “clinic” category of AARP Innovation, Folia Health is a health “individual operating system” that allows patients to answer multiple choice questions on a daily basis, when reviewed by their providers to assistance with inspection and care plans. It can be used to manage multiple conditions and communicate with multiple care providers. Telemedicine startup Tembo, on the other hand, partners with advanced care communities, enabling them to provide remote medical services to their residents or their futures. Embleema was created to facilitate pharmacological studies by speeding up evidence-generating and regulatory review processes.

For individuals, there were two start-ups in the clinic department. MindMics are smart earbuds that analyze biometrics, detect heart rate, and send them to an app. JoyLux specifically treats menopause with a list of results, including tools for pelvic floor exercises, lubricants, additives and cooling pads.

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