After 15 years, it is reported that Local Motors will cease operations this coming Friday

After 15 years it is reported that Local Motors will

Local Motors autosourcing makers stopped activity this Friday, according to staff, TechCrunch reports. The company has not yet officially announced their demise, although comments from their employees have already surfaced on LinkedIn.

"Like most events, they have to come to an end," Jeff Hollowell, VP of information technology at Local Motors, wrote on Thursday. “Local Motors have closed their doors. It has been an exciting, challenging and educational experience working with Olli and the entire team at Local Motors. I was fortunate to work with amazing people and help build what others said was impossible! I have been able to grow as a leader and learn new skills that will take me now to the next step. Thanks to all the team members and partners with whom I was able to work. It was well worth the time spent. ”

Local Motors started the idea of ​​supporting the production of vehicles with 2022, Olli, a 3D-printed 12-passenger minibus led by IBM Watson that is now just as dead. It launched a small arms race among carmakers to implement a new class of autonomous EV people movers, however, delivering Level 4 autonomous capabilities has been extremely difficult. so far - partly due to technological deficiencies in the current generation of sensing and signal processing systems. . As. Of course, that has not stopped companies from trying, their efforts have led to a series of high - profile traffic crashes in recent years such as the Navy 's disappearance during CES opening hours. 2022, the Toyota e-Pallette run down its paralympian in August, and the single-vehicle crash in Whitby, Ontario seriously injured a man in December last year.

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Local Motors first made a name for itself with the Rally Fighter equipment car before starting to develop the Olli. The company had planned to launch a pilot program for the second version of its autonomous shuttle, the Olli 2.0, in Toronto last spring, but those plans were pushed back to February, 2022, and, with Thursday 's announcement, it looks like they will never take over now. place.

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