AI reading list: 8 interesting books on artificial intelligence for study

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These eight books on artificial intelligence cover a range of topics, including ethical issues, how AI influences the labor market, and how organizations can use AI to gain competitive advantage.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a growing technology. With a number of different uses, it is easy to see why it is being implemented more and more frequently. These titles answer common questions about AI, talk about the AI ​​technologies that businesses are using, how people can lose control of AI, and more.

T-Minus AI: counting humanity down to artificial intelligence and the new pursuit of global power

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In T-Minus AI, author, national expert, and first U.S. Air Force Chairman Michael Kanaan outlines a human perspective on AI. It offers an insight into our history of innovation to show what we should all know about modern computing, AI, and machine learning. In addition, Kanaan considers the global implications of AI by highlighting existing cultural and national vulnerabilities as well as future emergencies.

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The alignment problem: Machine learning and human values

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The "alignment problem," according to researchers, occurs when the technical systems that people try to teach do not do what they want or expect. Best-selling author Brian Christian talks about “first responders” the alignment problem and their plans to solve the problem before it gets out of hand people. Using a combination of history and on - the - spot narration, Christian pursues the growth of machine learning in the field and explores our current technology and culture.

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Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Future of Unemployment Threat

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With the potential for AI to do jobs like paralegals, journalists, and even computer programmers obsolete, author Martin Ford looks at the future of the labor market and how it continues to transform. Rise of the Robots help us understand how employment and society need to adapt to the changing market.

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Artificial Intelligence: A Guide to Human Thinking

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In Artificial intelligence, author Melanie Mitchell asks urgent questions about AI today: How intelligent are the best AI programs? How do they work? What can they do, and when will they fail? How like people do we expect them to grow, and how quickly do we have to worry about them overtaking us? Mitchell will also cover the strongest models of modern AI and machine learning, advanced AI programming, and human investors in AI.

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AI Ethics (MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series)

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AI ethics considers the key ethical issues raised by artificial intelligence and addresses a number of concrete issues. Author Mark Coeckelbergh uses narratives, relevant philosophical discussions, and describes various approaches to machine learning and data science. AI ethics looks at privacy concerns, responsibility and delegation of decisions, transparency and bias as it arises at all stages of data science processes, and much more.

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Advantage of AI: How to implement the artificial intelligence conversion (cut control)

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In Advantage of AI, Thomas Davenport offers practical guidance on using AI in a business setting. Davenport not only explains what AI technologies are available, but also how companies can use them to gain competitive advantage.

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The Big Nine: How the Tech Titans and Their Thinking Tools Could Destroy Humanity

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In her book, author Amy Webb looks at how the basics of AI are broken - all the way from the people who work on the system to the technology itself. Webb suggests that the nine major corporations (Amazon, Google, Facebook, Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, Microsoft, IBM, and Apple) could “build and enable large arrays of intelligent systems that are not share our motivation, our desire, or our hope for the future of humanity. "

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Artificial Intelligence: 101 Things You Need to Know Today About Our Future

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Artificial Intelligence: 101 Things You Need to Know Today About Our Future there are many topical topics related to AI, including: Self-driving cars, robots, chatbots, as well as how AI affects the labor market, business processes, and overall businesses. As the title suggests, readers can learn the answers to 101 questions about artificial intelligence, and access a large number of resources, ideas and suggestions.

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