Algorithm cannot replace Lewis Hamilton, even if they are faster drivers

Algorithm cannot replace Lewis Hamilton even if they are faster.jpgsignature646ff76728ca9234759d80e22c891bb8

While Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen were racing for a Formula 1 title over the weekend, self-driving cars were battling for the first time. Indy Autonomy Challenge (IAC) branch.

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) adopted the checkered flag at the flagship Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The team earned a whopping $ 1 million after hitting an average speed of 218 km / ha on the elegant oval track.

The competition was an impressive demonstration of self - driving engineering, but it did not lead me to believe that AI will soon replace human race car drivers.

One reason for my suspicion is that the algorithms did not prove that they could compete with IndyCar drivers.

Their highest distances were nowhere near that the records set by people, and were set in time trials when no other cars were on the way. Side-by-side racing against other vehicles would have been a much tougher test.


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