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Over the past few years, Dell (and its game brand, Alienware) have become obsessed with displaying concept devices - as a potential prospect coming down the road. In fact, it's growing in the consumer electronics industry in general, taking a page out of the car world book. Depending on how you look at it, it's either an interesting look at the future or a little red herring.

For Dell, it's an opportunity to gauge community interest for technology that's not quite ready for primetime. The most well-known example recently is Concept UFO, an Alienware handheld game console that was unveiled at this time last year, which, so far, remains largely a concept.

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Concept Nyx accompanies this year’s production, essentially working as a home server that will be able to stream games throughout the home. The latter idea behind the product allows homes to stream multiple games to multiple devices at once, no matter what hardware they are playing on. The controller, meanwhile, serves as the main contact, connects to a smart TV, computer or other device and plays the game through the Dell app.

Some kinks seem to work out, including pricing and the kind of computing power required to play it as a stream of multiple games at once. Putting a handful of CPUs and GPUs on output puts up pretty quickly, though none of this sounds too far out of capacity, streaming over home WiFi.

I think the biggest question at hand is how many requests there are for something. I suspect that a large proportion of the potential audience is already invested in game PCs or consoles. And even if they are not, such a product would have to be competitively priced - the promise of flushing two (or even four) games at once in a production house that costs the same is certainly not worth it. to two consuls for most cases.

1641197630 499 Alienwares Concept Nyx is a home games server that may

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The company writes in a blog post,

We've been looking at how you can power up four game streams at once, quickly switching among devices, and drawing from a central library of all your games wherever you buy them. you them. Gaming on Concept Nyx aims to be as immersive as accessing your favorite music, TV shows and movies. Imagine a simple app loaded on all devices delivering instant access to all your games for a more immersive gaming experience across home devices. Imagine no longer fighting with your family or roommates over game time (you can still fight over groceries and laundry). Wouldn’t it be nice to demolish the barricades so that everyone gets a game according to their own conditions?

Again, this is firmly at the concept level, but in its current version, Nyx seems to be nixed before it hits the market.

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