Amazon to offer free cloud computing skills training

1640521996 Amazon to offer free cloud computing skills training

At a conference event on Friday: Invent 2022, the e-commerce giant announced that by 2025 it will invest "hundreds of millions" to help 29 million people worldwide improve technical skills.

Image: Amazon Web Services

To "democratize knowledge" and close the technical skills gap, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced that it will invest "hundreds of millions" of dollars to support future employees with cloud computing skills training free for 29 million people worldwide by 2025.

A variety of automated online courses will be offered free of charge to anyone, in over 200 countries and regions, with a focus on both developing technical skills, as well as improving skills .

At an event at the three-week keynote conference on: Invent 2022, Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), joined AWS Teresa Carlson, vice president, public sector worldwide , to discuss how AWS builds out over 500 courses, interactive labs, and day - long training sessions.

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Carlson said AWS will be partnering with WEF in expanding existing courses and programs. "Before the pandemic, we were shaping the world around the fourth industrial revolution, and for digital technology, we transformed the industry and the economy," she said at Friday's conference. And this has had a huge impact on how private business and the public sector interact with stakeholders around the world. "

Schwab said the pandemic highlighted the shortcomings in technology with evidence from "many survivors," who are desperately in need of upskilling. "The most sought after jobs in the future, according to our research; No. 1, data analysts and scientists; No. 2, artificial intelligence experts; No. 3, big data experts; and No. 4, digital marketing and strategy experts, "he said.

In 2022, AWS launched 50 new digital courses. The new program will feature over 500 free online on-demand courses, interactive labs, meaningful daily training sessions, work-based specific skills, instructor-led webinars.

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"[I]te as a duty and a duty on companies to provide the necessary platforms [for new opportunities in education by combining digitalization with artificial intelligence], Schwab said, "And then I think that everyone has in their own hands to use these platforms to acquire the skills that are needed in the future."

Designed to teach cloud-based setup skills through the latest technology for embedded IT benefits, courses are available in multiple languages. There are two resources available, both regularly updated: Training and Certification (for cloud fluency) and AWS Educate (for educators and students).

AWS will expand its existing AWS re / Start program, a full-time classroom-based program for the unemployed and unemployed, said AWS which links more than 90% of degrees with job interview opportunities . It operates in 25 cities in 12 countries and AWS said it hopes to double the number by 2022.

To meet the needs of the ever-evolving tech universe, AWS will also augment its pilot training initiatives, such as the two-day “Two-day Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing Certificate” program. Students who take up this free program learn how to install and repair fiber optics and can participate in a "career networking session."

Amazon will also continue with its University of Free Accelerated Machine Learning (MLU), which begins with three MLU induction courses, and “Career Choice,” an advanced program for Amazon employees, Upskilling 2025 (Amazon's commitment to Invest $ 700 million to train 100k US Amazon employees for high-skilled jobs) and "Amazon Technical Academy" for Amazon non-tech employees to move into software engineering careers.

Amazon employees "jumped on" [the opportunities] because of that time they had almost, "Carlson said." Accessibility of all is the key. "

This article was last updated on December 14, 2022.


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