Amazon will remind employees of their rights following the NLRB contract

amazon will remind employees of their rights following the nlrb contract

The rift between Amazon and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has taken another turn after the company reached a national settlement with the group. Amazon has agreed to remind current and former employees across the U.S. of their work rights on workplace calls, and on the mobile app and website for employees. Amazon will also send a copy of the message to its email addresses on file for any employee who worked at its facilities between March 22 and December 22.

The notice informs employees that they have a legal right to join, merge or assist with a union. They may choose a representative to negotiate with Amazon on their behalf and "work with other employees for your benefit and protection."

In addition, employees have more opportunity to organize in company facilities. In the message, Amazon states that it will not tell them to leave a building or threaten control "when exercising your right to engage in unified or defensive actions by talking to your co-workers in areas outside non - work during non - working hours. "It no longer asks employees about union activity, or why they are talking to colleagues, according to the know.

It will be easier for the NLRB to sue Amazon if the agency believes it has breached the agreement. In such cases, the company agreed to allow the NLRB to bypass an administrative hearing process, which will take a long time to complete.

“This compromise agreement provides Amazon with a vital commitment to millions of employees across the United States that it will not infringe on their right to work together to improve their workplace by forming a union or taking other common action, ”NLRB general adviser Jennifer Abruzzo said. The New York Times. Engadget has contacted Amazon for comments.

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The agreement relates to six cases brought by employees who complained that Amazon was hampering their organizing efforts. The company previously settled NLRB cases on an individual basis, but this is a broader agreement. The agreement includes references to employees, but not contractors, who make up the majority of Amazon’s delivery employees. It is unclear whether they will receive the same rights and protections under the contract.

The NLRB and Amazon have been at odds lately. In November, the dashboard ordered Amazon to reinstate a union election at an Alabama warehouse. He said Amazon blocked the process. Staff at other facilities have tried to organize - those at a performance center in New York are trying to reunite after failing to get enough signatures last time.

Amazon has long been criticized for working conditions. Lawyers this week sought answers from the firm as to whether its policies were contributing to the deaths of six people after a tornado hit a warehouse in Illinois. Amazon recently warned its employees that an even more challenging workload during the holiday season can have a major impact on their mental health.

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