Another Pixel 6 bug encourages Google to pull Supporter call features

1640335022 Another Pixel 6 bug encourages Google to pull Supporter call

Google didn’t get much luck with Android 12 on the Pixel 6, especially with the growing list of worms that users come across. The latest problem has affected some of the coolest and most helpful calling features of Google Assistant.

Google confirmed Wednesday via community mail that it has disabled Call Screen and Hold For Me due to a bug that introduced the December update. In particular, the bug seems to be affecting those with the SQ1D version of the update, which is effectively every Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro that received a December patch. Old Pixel phones seem to have no effect.

Call Screening is a neat feature that allows Google Assistant users to ask why an anonymous contact is calling so the user can decide if they should respond. Hold For Me is powered by Google Duplex and will hold you so you can perform other tasks while you wait for the person on the other end to respond.

Many users have yet to receive the December update on their Pixel 6 devices. However, if you are unsure, you can check your version by navigating to Options> About Phone> Build Number.

“Our teams are actively working to resolve this issue,” says Google Product Support Manager. "We will provide any updates on this post as they become available."

At the same time, it is recommended that users subscribe to the community mail for updates on the issue, however, we also keep an eye out for any updates. That said, this latest issue doesn't look too much for one of our best Android phones in 2022.

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