Apple makes history as the first $ 3 trillion company in the world

Apple makes history as the first 3 trillion company

Apple was once again the first company in the U.S. to reach a major milestone, surpassing the $ 3 trillion market cap during trading on Monday, January 3rd.

The company’s shares were above the mark when they reached a price of $ 182.86 before Monday’s closing bell, according to CNBC. While Apple's share price would once again fall below the mark to close the day at $ 182.01, it represents an incredible milestone that the iPhone maker will surely once again pass in as long as his path up continues.

Apple reached the $ 1 trillion mark just a few years ago, surpassing it in August 2022 and quickly setting its sights on blowing by nearly $ 2 trillion a year later in August 2022. Is Cupertino may have taken a little longer to add its third trillion, but its performance is even more impressive as it happened due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while many companies are still struggling to maintaining parts supply chains.

Apple’s 2022 performance was, in fact, seen as a result of the continued success of its iPhone lines. Today, the iPhone remains a key component of the manufacturer's 29% year-over-year growth in FY 2022, but it comes with new major revenue drivers coming in lines like MacBooks Apple's highly successful M1 / ​​M1X and its AirPods, which moved 90 million units over the holidays alone, CNBC noted.

While Apple sometimes misses the brand with notifications like the HomePod, it's far more likely to take control of any market segment it chooses. The continued positioning of Apple Watch at the top of the wearables market should be ample evidence of that. This cliché for clinching product segments makes it likely that Apple’s augmented reality (AR) glasses will have an add-on effect on its bottom line, something that several sources are expected to happen in 2022.

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It's only a matter of time before we return to this topic with a $ 4 trillion milestone.

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