Apple's AirPods Pro is back down to $ 180 on Amazon

Apples AirPods Pro is back down to 180 on

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If you have not yet pulled the trigger on a pair of Apple Pro AirPods, Amazon is selling them for the first time since Christmas, as far as we can tell. You can get them right now for $ 180, down from their usual price of $ 250. That's not as good as the $ 159 price advertised for Black Friday, but considering the slashed price to $ 197 around Christmas, $ 180 is still a recent list improvement.

Among Apple’s AirPods lineup, the AirPods Pro offers the best audio quality. That, in addition to active noise stop and improved equipment design, earned a strong score of 87 in our 2019 review. IPhone and Mac owners especially appreciate the H1 chip at the buds, which allows for easy pairing, hands-free Siri access and audio transfer between iOS and macOS devices. In the box, too, as you can see in the picture above, is Apple MagSafe's prosecution case.

Buy AirPods Pro at Amazon - $ 180

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