Are recycled EV batteries as good as new ones? There is! A thousand times yes!

Are recycled EV batteries as good as new ones There.jpgsignature20e854eb05d11c92d7537a85e7f1ebec

EVs are a green choice and we love them for that. But they could be even greener if we regularly recycle the precious metals in their batteries instead of constantly squeezing Mother Earth.

The good news is that battery recycling has been gaining traction, and now many companies in North America and Europe are building recycling centers, including Li-Cycle, Northvolt , Redwood Materials, and ReLIB, to name a few.

But here's the bad news: a giant fat elephant is still in the room for car buyers and manufacturers - whether recyclables can be just as good as virgin ones?

There is! A thousand times yes! And I have science to prove.

The cathode is the answer

First, let's refine our physics knowledge.

The cathode is the positive electrode, or simply the positive terminator, of a battery cell. It is where the electric current enters the battery while it is charging, and goes away when it is discharged when the battery is being used to power the car.

So, yes, it's very important.


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