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As Exhibitors Attend Attendance At The Omicron Center CES Organizers

It's starting to look a bit like MWC. Of course, things so far have been playing out a little differently than the planned Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona back in 2022. There are clear reasons for this - back then then, the pandemic was unknown. Nearly two years later, we have a better grip - and more efficient tools - even if not everyone has chosen to stick to such methods.

CES 2022 entered just under the wire, in terms of global closure. For the 2022 show, the organizers at the CTA chose (very cunningly) not to be in danger and went completely crazy. CES 2022 had been on the road to return - although it would have been a quiet event as a sort of transgender event for many involved.

So far, the dominoes that have begun to fall have not been as fundamental as what we have seen in Barcelona, ​​but the rapid rise of the omicron variable is a major threat to organizers. Add to that a spike that is very similar to vacation travel (which has a numerical effect that we certainly don't see catch up after CES) and the general inconsistency of Vegas (as a friend recently said, can't you can get anywhere on the Strip without walking through a casino), and it's understandable why many have gotten cold feet lately. Travel restrictions from countries like Israel have also added to problems.

In a statement, the CTA maintains a strong hold on progress as expected. The organizing body tells TechCrunch that the removal of exhibitors to date covers 7% of the floor, while the display adds signatures, despite the latest version:

CES 2022 will be in person on January 5-8 in Las Vegas with strong security measures in place, and our digital access is also available for those who do not want, or cannot travel to Las Vegas. Our mission remains to call the industry and enable those who are unable to attend to experience the magic of CES digitally.

Although we have recently received 42 exhibitor shutdowns (less than 7% of our exhibition floor), as of last Friday we have added 60 new exhibitors for our personal event. Registrations for both the digital reach and our Las Vegas event continue to show a strong trend, with thousands more registrations in the last few days.

CES 2022 will go ahead as it will showcase significant innovations for global health and safety, mobility and problem solving. In addition, thousands of SMEs rely on CES for their business. We have expanded our official count to over 2200 exhibitors and as announced yesterday many of our top elected officials from both political parties will be at CES.

With the complete health measures at CES - vaccination requirement, insult and access to COVID-19 tests - combined with lower attendance attendance and social distance measures, we are confident that attendees and attendants can have a valuable and productive event and pace. in Las Vegas, as well as a successful experience of our digital reach.

Yesterday, T-Mobile became the first major sponsor to announce its personal presence at the show. The carrier will continue to support him as a subsidy (some of the vacant allowances under contract may not have happened yet), but he has chosen not to dismiss most of his team, while ' s Chief Mike Sievert will not appear either in person or almost in person. Strangely, Weezer will, apparently, still be there with the blessing of T-Mobile, making a free concert on the Strip.

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"" according to a press release from Cuomo Rivers. IHeartRadio, meanwhile, stopped a Swedish House Mafia show linked to the incident.

Meta, Twitter, Amazon and Pinterest have provided support ever since. Although, while all the names are big in their own right, traditionally none of them were present at the ceremony.

Earlier this week, we announced that we will not be sending a team to the show, as are The Verge, CNET, Engadget, PCMag, Gizmodo, Tom's Guide and TechRadar. It was not an easy decision for us. While it may be true that the past two years seem to have marked the beginning of a sea shift towards an even more online conferencing world, there is still value for us in exhibitions like CES.

In particular, there's something to gain in the opportunity to walk around Eureka Park and see newcomers who have just started who could not shout above the din of our cacophonous boxes. I have found many companies on the floor of the Venetian Expo Hall (née Sands), and I was really looking forward to doing so again after a year of it.

CES 2022 was a major test of whether the world (and perhaps more precisely, the CTA) is ready for an online hardware demonstration. I definitely came away from the experience thinking things were too fast. The CES virtual experience was not particularly good, especially in terms of discovery - the most difficult and important element of all these demonstrations.

No matter what level of 2022 show is playing out in person, it needs an effective online presence. We know that many teams plan to cover the show remotely. Many are also questioning how the show will be covered, going on, accepting, laying on wood, that this pandemic will come to an end.

To date, the CTA has been consistent in this regard. The group has repeatedly reaffirmed that the demonstration will go ahead, as expected, introducing new health protocols along the way. In addition to requiring immunization and foreign face testing, the organization is also providing attendees with free quick test kits, which must also show a recent negative test before they go. into the center.

A CES social media account was provided on other images of the interior of the Las Vegas Convention Center and new speaker announcements, which currently include Secretary of State for Transport Pete Buttigieg and Paris Hilton, who is going to talk about blockchain in a panel called “NFT, WTF?!?! ”(Their punctuation).

Companies such as Google, HTC, John Deere, TCL and BMW tell TechCrunch that they are "monitoring the situation" in so many words. Other companies, including Nvidia, have chosen to be cautious from the outset, with a meaningful press conference and no showroom.

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