AT & T's new Fusion 5G will bring the heat to T-Mobile with wireless charging

AT Ts new Fusion 5G will bring the heat

The Fusion 5G does not support mmWave 5G as previously reported. The article has been updated to reflect the new information. We're sorry for the error.

Affordable 5G smartphones are on the rise, and AT&T has thrown itself into the mix with its latest smartphone release. The Fusion 5G may not be the strongest offering out there, but it does come with a unique feature that is hard to beat at this price.

The Fusion 5G is unique in that it supports wireless charging. You'll be stressed to find a smartphone at this price with wireless charging support, even among the best Android phones under $ 300. And while it's not an essential feature, it's good to have those of you who have cordless chargers lying around the house.

AT&T will not specify the wireless charging speed, but do not expect it to break any records. However, the carrier refers to a “quick charge battery” and a quick charge adapter introduced to charge the 4750mAh battery.

Powering the phone is MediaTek Dimensity 700, the only chipset inside REVVL V + 5G at the price of T-Mobile. It also features a RAM-like combination and storage with 4GB and 64GB, respectively. However, the Fusion 5G has a edge with a few specs beyond wireless charging support, including the primary 48MP sensor and 8MP ultrawide camera.

Beyond that, the Fusion 5G is pretty much par-for-the-course as phones go at this price point, with a 6.82-inch HD + display, fingerprint sensor on the back, and Sub -6 5G. Unfortunately, you will not find mmWave support here, as previously reported, but that's no surprise at the price point.

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The Fusion 5G will be available for purchase on Friday, January 7 for just $ 220.

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