AT&T and Verizon reject US call to delay 5G expansion beyond blockchain

att and verizon reject us call to delay 5g expansion beyond blockchain

AT&T and Verizon are not delaying their 5G expansion later. Bloomberg notes that the Head of both carriers has issued a letter rejecting a request from the FAA and the Department for Transport to suspend the deployment of the C - band service beyond 5 January to address concerns about obstruction of aircraft systems. The companies argued that the government's proposed plan would effectively look at the network extensions to the FAA for "an indefinite number of months or years," and would not cover competitors such as T -Mobile.

The move would represent a "reckless halt" of network control, Chiefs said. They also believed that the demand for "negative" customer influence would be respected.

Instead, AT&T and Verizon tried to reach a compromise. They vowed not to use 5G C-band towers near some airports for six months, except as long as the aviation industry and regulators did nothing more to stop usage C-band. American transport agencies had demanded on December 31 for a standard delay of no more than two weeks, but demanded that a service be phased in near "priority" airports through March to protect important runways.

It is unclear how the FAA and the Department for Transport respond. The rejection is not terrible, mind you. C-band service promises to deliver more of the benefits of long distance 5G without the short range and poor internal service of millimeter wave technology. It could also add the ability to keep 5G networks running smoothly as more users upgrade their devices. However, officials and the aviation industry also have a long way to go - they worry that C-band 5G could disrupt flights and endanger passengers. You may not see all sides moving fast.

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