AWS had another crash, this time affecting apps like Slack and Hulu

aws had another crash this time affecting apps like slack and hulu

If you find that some apps, websites and games are having trouble loading this morning or they seem to be slower than usual, there may be an explanation. , on which many apps and websites run, had more problems today, affecting several services for at least the third time.

AWS on their service health dashboard reported a power outage at a data center in the US-EAST-1 region. He first reported on matters at 7:35 AM ET. By 8:39 AM ET, power had been restored to “all settings and network devices within the affected data center” and AWS noted that services that use the data center for hosting and affected by the consumption began to recover. About 25 minutes later, they reported that most AWS services had passed, but noted that they were still trying to rectify the situation with some Elastic Block Store books ( type of AWS storage) due to "corrupt IO performance."

Services affected include Epic Games Store - Internet service pressures were affecting logins, libraries, purchases and more - and, they noted, it was difficult to upload files, edit messages, and other features. , family place sharing app, and and Fall Guys they are among the services that have reported issues, and such as Hulu, Rocket League, Grindr and the McDonalds app also had problems, according to reports submitted by users about Down Detector. At the time of writing, some of these issues are ongoing.

AWS tour on December 7 such as Associated Press, Disney + and Vice. The AWS issue with an automated capability scaling feature was to blame. Short tour on December 15 Twitch, Slack and online gaming services.

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