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AWS will buy SaaS company and another 2022 enterprise forecast

It is always sticky industry predicts what’s going to happen in technology, because who knows what’s going on behind the scenes or what’s to come.

Would you have thought, for example, that Salesforce would cost nearly $ 28 billion to buy Slack by the end of 2022? Or so in 2022, Jeff Bezos would step back at Amazon with a domino effect of Andy Jassy moving into his career, with Adam Selipsky coming back after spending time at Tableau to take Jassy's old job running AWS?

I'm sure I didn't see that coming, and I bet most people didn't. The tech world is moving so fast, it's often hard to keep up.

We were not using the terms metaverse and web3 (complete with lowercase spelling), and then suddenly in 2022, we were. If you told me that the blockchain was going to come back in a big way in 2022, or that Facebook would change its name to Meta, I would have laughed at you. But, here we are.

So, let's admit that there are things that we can't predict, but it seems that part of my job is to pick up and throw out some of the prophecies. I'd like to think my mine is based on a careful look at the world I'm covering in the campaign, rather than some random ideas, but to be honest, it may be a combination.

So with that in mind, and the usual charts, here's what I'm predicting for the year ahead:

  • Speaking of web3, companies (and especially governments) will learn just how difficult it is to redesign fake legacy systems to accept digital money. There has to be some sort of measure to update or let it go at this point, maybe the last one. Updating systems is challenging and expensive, and it's hard to see governments spending the money to make it to adopt digital money, which is still in its infancy. Pew recently reported that only 16% of Americans trade, invest in or use crypto currencies.
  • While we're at it, even though the hype is out of control, I bet most companies will continue to slowly embrace AR / VR in the campaign in 2022. Just like In the past before the term "metaverse" began to shift, there will be some experimental duplication in areas where it makes sense, but most will realize that they do not want to do the job. with VR hardware on the face all day. And, creating content is also expensive.
  • With Bret Taylor promoted to co - head of Salesforce this year, the next logical step for him is to take over as solo CEO, and allow Marc Benioff Bezos to lead the role of chairman, where he can focus more on his charitable work. Benioff has been against the company for more than 20 years, and may want to step back from that eroding responsibility and enjoy his wealth.
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