Beats Studio Buds vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: What Should You Buy?

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Beats Studio Beats

Stream with Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro in case

Beats designed the Studio Buds to work just as well with Android users as it does with Apple, and it shows up once you pair them first. They will definitely give you a bass, a comfortable suit that you can judge, and a flash or two to add style.

$ 100 at Amazon


  • Better than normal Beats sound
  • Super comfortable fit
  • Hands-free Siri access
  • Works well with Android
  • Reasonable app support


  • Or H1 or W1 chip for Apple users
  • No automatic play and stop
  • No wireless charge

Samsung did a lot of work for the Galaxy Buds Pro, starting with active sound removal, environment mode, and 360 Audio. That package comes together to deliver an effective audio experience that you can take advantage of while you are active or living a leisure life.

$ 130 at Amazon


  • Heavy sound and ANC performance
  • More appropriate equipment
  • Dynamic ambamic mode
  • Important water resistance
  • Great battery life


  • Fit needs more fidgeting
  • Not so good ambient mode

This is a small comparison, simply because both earbuds are not aimed at the same audience. While companies throw out the word "Pro" a lot, these two earbuds build on different strengths. Both are good enough to be among the best wireless earbuds available, but where the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has proven to be a stellar pair when fit right, there are the Beats Studio Buds are an effective weightlifter, and a unique alternative to the AirPods Pro.


    Beats Studio Buds vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Living apart

    Beats Studio Buds Lifestyle

    Source: Beats by Dre

    Samsung developed the Galaxy Buds Pro to be the best the company has to offer until a newer pair arrives, so it has a wider range of features. That's not necessarily for the Beats Studio Buds, which bring a seat back to the Beats Fit Pro as far as design and features go. And yet, this is a tougher battle than it would otherwise seem, partly driven by external factors.

    Beats Studio Beats Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
    Sustainability IPX4 IPX7
    Bud battery life Up to 8 hours Up to 8 hours
    Increasing battery life is an issue 15 hours (24 without ANC) 18 hours (28 without ANC)
    Connection Bluetooth 5.1 Bluetooth 5.1
    Digital assistant support Google Assistant, Siri Bixby, Google Assistant, Siri
    Supported audio codecs SBC, AAC SBC, AAC, Scalable
    Speaker size 8.2mm drivers 13mm drivers
    Turn off active sound Yes Yes

    On paper, there is little daylight between these two. Samsung has two distinct edges as the Galaxy Buds Pro is much more durable and the case offers wireless charging. Beats Studio Buds misses both of these accounts. Another thing, battery life, connectivity, and codec support run pretty close.

    Dive deeper, and you’ll find some of the nuances that separate them from each other. For starters, Beats keeps an edge on how responsive the earbuds are, where the comfort level is likely to work better than the Galaxy Buds Pro. Samsung shook a little tech into its earbuds, and it shows. The bulging shape factor may not always sit right in the inner ear (concha) for it, although they do feel great when they do.

    Unfortunately, this has not always been the case for some, as can be seen from those who have suffered skin infections and irritation after wearing them. Samsung has not publicly identified any specific issue while wearing the Buds Pro, but a minority of voices are calling them. That’s not to say Beats is waterproof, as many of the most popular wireless earbuds have seen some of the same issues. But between those two, the Studio Pro has seen better results in the comfort and comfort department.

    Beats Studio Buds vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Positioning them apart

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review

    Source: Daniel Bader / Android Central

    The tuning is always an important part of hearing the best sound, and that's certainly true for both. Beats did not mock the soundtrack firmly coming off as rumbling bass and very little else. It's fairer out of the box, and assuming you get a really good seal with your ears, you'll see that for yourself. That's also true for the Galaxy Buds Pro, but I'd say you'm more likely to need to change them more often during longer listening sessions.

    Both turn off active sound (ANC), which further helps you with a good seal to create effective passive sound isolates.

    Both offset active sound (ANC), which you can enhance with a good seal to create an effective passive sound isolation. Samsung did a good job with the ANC on the Buds Pro, making it great in a variety of situations. Get them well equipped, and you'll drown out a lot of the back. You would get similar results to the Studio Buds, although noise cancellation is not as good at dealing with different frequencies and areas.

    Both also follow specific apps to promote and specify features for a level of customization. Samsung goes a little deeper, but Beats keeps things pretty straightforward. You can change ANC by two levels on the Galaxy Wearable app, while the Beats app keeps it at one level. You can change the onboard controls for the Studio Buds, and because they have physical buttons, they tend to be more reliable than on the Pro Buds.

    Samsung also introduces some special features, such as Voice Detect, where the volume drops once it feels like you are talking to someone. It then goes back up after 5-15 seconds of silence.

    Beats Studio Buds vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Sounds and calls

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review

    Source: Daniel Bader / Android Central

    One app does not allow you to customize the sound with a handheld device, which is a real shame when other brands offer that option. For both, you have to go with limited pre-orders served for you. Beats hardly have that, they just prefer to leave out the basic sound, as is. The Galaxy Wearable app has six presets which is reasonable, but you may be left looking for more.

    With the right components and interior, it's no surprise that the Galaxy Buds Pro sounds better.

    The Studio Buds do a great job for what you get. I mentioned that they do not completely put off the death knell, but even if you wanted a heavy - handed signature, you will not be disappointed. Samsung handles that from a different angle, they prefer to let you decide if you want to use the Bass Boost preview from the Galaxy Wearable app. Similarly, Samsung has the edge on overall sound quality, but expect that considering that the pair of earbuds are at the top of this matchup.

    Samsung has improved microphone range, leading to better positioning for phone calls, especially when it comes to ANC performance. But the Studio Buds borrow from the call quality of Apple's AirPods style, making them remarkably capable of handling calls with clarity.

    As for color choices, Beats gives you red, white, or black, while the Galaxy Buds Pro comes in black phantom, silver phantom, and violet phantom.

    Beats Studio Buds vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Which one should you choose?

    Beats Studio Beats

    Source: Daniel Bader / Android Central

    Part of this decision depends on the ecosystem you are using. I’m not necessarily referring to Android, but rather Apple and Samsung. The Galaxy Buds Pro offers additional features repaired by Samsung devices, as the Beats products are more compatible with Apple devices. The difference is that Beats designed the Studio Buds to be Android friendly, so they will work very smoothly with any Android device. The brand cachet will always be out in the country when you rock a pair of Beats earbuds, but style is not always equal to content.

    Also not the case for comfort, as has been an unfortunate fact for some using the Buds Pro. In different situations, I would not have even compared these, but with the declining price difference, they both became interesting value propositions. Go with the Studio Buds if you want bass to go with the basics. Go with the Galaxy Buds Pro if you want extras and are willing to try them for size.

    Feeling the bumps

    Race Buds Studio Beats

    Beats Studio Beats

    Dense beats

    The Beats Studio Buds do the few things that really matter, which are how they respond, how they sound, and how they work with Android.


    Render Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro case

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

    Good sound and more

    Samsung takes the best wireless earbuds to the next level by adding new features that set them apart from previous versions.

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