Become a Microsoft Excel Power User with this intensive training for less than $ 35

1641297136 Become a Microsoft Excel Power User with this intensive training


For an app that is still alive and kicking after three decades, the amount of life that remains in Microsoft Excel is staggering. Of course, did you know that certain Excel users who specialize in finance are now competing for themselves like the Financial Modeling World Cup to test their spreadsheet mastery in battles similar to e-sports events? As interesting as that idea may sound, it is 100% true.

You may never compete in front of a live audience showing off your Excel skills, but with the training in the 2022 Ultimate Microsoft Excel and Power BI Certification Bundle, you could be ready for slide data with these Excel heavyweights.

This 9-course collection is packed with nearly 63 hours of training starting with courses like Mathematics for Data Science, a hands-on hands-on session with step-by-step methods for understanding data science such as descriptive statistics, variability measurement, inferential statistics, and as well as probability and hypothesis testing.

There is also a strong emphasis on displaying data, and how best to represent data, so it is understandable and actionable with courses like Excel Pro Tips: Data Image, Microsoft Excel: Data Image with Tables & Graphs, and Image Data by R.

Not to be outdone, the Up and Running with Power BI Desktop course explains how this relatively low-end app can act as a real adrenaline burner into your Excel workflow, unlocking visual features and new data analysis that takes Excel utility to the next level.

Finally, the remaining four courses dig into the more specialized Excel and Power Bi training areas, including a closer look at Alteryx, a nifty tool for building workflows professionally and analyze data faster using analytics building blocks that require limited coding knowledge.

All courses in the 2022 Ultimate Microsoft Excel & Power BI Certificate Bundle are worth $ 200, but with this collection you can get all of this Excel expert training for less than $ 4 each course at just $ 34.99.

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