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S Pen Cases & Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
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One of Samsung's newest smartphones, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, features a ton of elegant features, including stunning cameras and an extremely slim design enhanced by the 6.8- screen an extremely elegant inch. The phone is IP68 waterproof and dustproof, but it's still important to protect it with a case. And while the phone does not come with the popular Samsung S Pen, it will work seamlessly with one. So, it's unbelievable to grab the S Pen - easily the best style for Android phones like this one - for use with it. While you are there, consider choosing among the best S Pen cases and other resources to complete the experience.


    Reliable brand:
    Spigen Liquid Air P

    Staff selection

    You can never go wrong with Spigen's case, and this one of course comes with a built - in slot to accommodate the S Pen. It is slim and fit with a matte anti-slip surface that is comfortable to hold while tapping away or taking notes. With weapon-level protection and Air Cushion technology, your precious phone will be fully protected.

    $ 20 at Amazon

    Samsung Galaxy S View Flip Case Ultra S

    Power brand:
    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra S-view flip case with S Pen bundle

    Go directly to the store with this Samsung-branded package that includes an S-view flip case for the smartphone along with an S-Pen that quickly pulls away in the side viewer inside the cover. The case offers antimicrobial protection for the entire surface of the device, including the face through its folio coating.

    • $ 60 at Amazon

    • $ 25 at Best Buy

    Xbc Tips Nibs Reset S pen

    Suggestions and tweezers:
    XBC / Nibs 2 pack suggestions with removable tweezer

    There is a time when you may need to replace the tips / nibs from the S Pen, and this is where this hook comes in. it will be useful to remove the old one. It also includes a SIM card tray pin ejector as a bonus accessory that is always great to have on hand.

    $ 7 at Amazon

    Ubrokeifixit Nibs S Pen Replacement Suggestions

    Black and gray suggestions:
    Ubrokeifixit / Nibs replacement suggestions

    If you like the option of having gray and black suggestions, there are three black color suggestions and a gray pair in this new resource. Easy to install (no instructions included, so this package is best for those who know how to change the crop), it comes with tweezers and install and disable go easily.

    $ 5 at Amazon

    Galaxy S21 Ultra Silicone Cover with S Pen

    Samsung simple with S Pen:
    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G silicone cover with S Pen

    This official case from Samsung offers basic protection and comes with its own S Pen, so you can get both at the same time. Naturally, it also has a slot for holding the S Pen when not in use, secured on the left side of the case where you can easily put it out when it's time to get to work. . It’s a nice, slim case that will be perfect for everyday use.

    • $ 53 at Amazon

    • $ 35 at Best Buy

    Download fast Nanami

    Charge it:
    NANAMI Qi Charger position

    Keep the phone powered on while writing down notes or navigating web pages using the S Pen in one hand while keeping the other free to multitasking. The stand offers Qi wireless charging at 10W, so you can charge other devices with wireless capability. Position the phone in landscape or photo view so you can work on spreadsheets, take notes, do calculations, and more while the phone is mounted on your desktop.

    • From $ 16 at Amazon

    • $ 22 at Walmart

    Supcase Ub Pro Galaxy S21 Ultra case

    Rough defense:
    SUPCASE UB Pro Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

    Not only does this ultra-rugged case have a built-in kickstand for the S21 Ultra and it comes with a rotating mechanism, it also has an S Pen retainer. Great for those working outdoors in the field or needing ultimate protection, they are tested to withstand droplets as high as 20 feet thanks to the multilayer TPU and polycarbonate materials.

    • From $ 25 at Amazon

    • From $ 20 at Walmart

    Why get the Samsung S Pen for your Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone?

    When you think of the Samsung S Pen, you traditionally think of Samsung Galaxy tablets and the Note line, with which the Pen has historically been used. But S Pen support for the S21 Ultra smartphone has opened up a whole new world of possibilities, marking the first time Samsung is offering style support outside of their popular Note series.

    The S Pen helps with everything from writing notes down to sketching, taking advantage of more detail than you would from a finger. It is also helpful for navigating websites and documents easier and smoother, selecting items, and more from the generous size screen of the phone.

    There are lots of other great things you can do with S Pen. However, keep in mind that not all S Pen functions that work on a Galaxy Note device will work on the Ultra S21, including those that require Bluetooth support, such as gesture control features on slideshows and team songs. But for navigating menus, writing things down, taking notes, or making sketches, S Pen is a valuable tool to pair with the S21 Ultra smartphone. And it’s worth grabbing one of the best S Pen cases to go along with it. We love Spigen's case in this regard, thanks to his agility in weaving the Pen into the side, along with Spigen's reputation for quality. But there are other options worth considering, too, and some accessory tools that will help extend the life of the pen so you can use it for years to come.

    That said, if you do not need a case that integrates an S Pen retainer, there are plenty of other Galaxy S21 Ultra cases to choose from.

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