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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE cases
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The Galaxy S21 FE may be late for the party due to supply issues and all this knowledge (dark waves at 2022), but it's finally here with a small price cut and a bigger screen. Whether you pick up one from Samsung or your carrier, your new phone deserves the best protection at the best price, which is why we are on the Samsung issues Best Galaxy S21 collection for you, whatever your style or budget. .


    Lively grip:
    Nano Pop Theology

    Staff selection

    In this case a perfect combination of compression but cushioning, flashy but functional. Caseology's Nano Pop Series offers strong protection around the S21 FE's sleek, sweet cameras while remaining slim and elegant.

    $ 17 at Amazon

    Supcase UB Pro Galaxy S21 Fe Case Black

    Ready for work:
    Unicorn Beetle Pro Supcase Series

    This rugged honey-spec case uses its size to maintain a wide, stable stand that works in both design and landscape mode. The built-in screen protector has a special ring of adhesive to make sure you still get clear fingerprint scans to unlock your phone.

    $ 25 at Amazon

    Ringke Fusion Galaxy S21 Fe Case Series

    There is no more clarity:
    Fusion ring

    Matches are usually bright and crystal clear and completely prone to smudge, and Ringke realizes that this is not very glamorous for your Galaxy S21, so it offers a matte clear case to brighten and shine. avoid obvious grime.

    $ 14 at Amazon (Clear Matte)

    Spigen Galaxy S21 Fe Rough Weapon Case

    Their favorite forever:
    Spigen Armor rough

    While Spigen unveils a new design every few years, the classic Rugged Armor remains one of the most popular items on the market a decade later. The accents that extend from the camera module grip while carbon fiber still bounces around at the base.

    $ 16 at Amazon

    Samsung Clear Slim Strap Cover Galaxy S21 Fe Case

    Stay more comfortable:
    Bright Samsung slim strap cover

    This unique first-party case comes with two accessible straps, one that fits snugly to the oversized case and the other a strap to give it a little more flair. The strap allows you to hold your phone more secure while reaching the farthest edge or taking a selfie.

    $ 30 at Samsung

    Casesology Vault Galaxy S21 Fe Case

    Great feel, unique view:
    Mathematical landscape

    Available in Matte Black and soft Sage Green, the Vault feels absolutely stunning in its hand, grippy and fingered with no bulk at all. The Vault is a solid case for those looking for slim, unprotected defense.

    From $ 14 at Amazon

    Armadillotek Clear Hybrid Galaxy S21 Fe Case

    Bold and muted colors:
    CaseBorne ArmadilloTek S Series

    This rugged clear case avoids the bright bumpers that look awesome on the edges and corners for colored bumpers that metallize against the color of your S21 FE or add to level with matte views.

    $ 16 at Amazon

    Spigen Tough Armor Galaxy S21 Fe Case

    Foam party:
    Spigen hard weapons

    Once a double-layered case, the Spigen Tough Armor now hides foam lining for higher and stronger fall protection. The kickstand stream on the outer shell allows you to easily access YouTube in the lounge and beyond.

    $ 18 at Amazon

    Ringke Onyx Galaxy S21 Fe Case Series

    Dark horse competitor:
    Put a ring on Onyx

    The Ringke Onyx may not be as well-known as the Spigen Rugged Armor or Caseology Vault, but its looks perfectly complement the Galaxy S21 FE's Lavender, Olive, and Graphite colorways, adding grip and anchor point for phone straps or charms.

    $ 13 at Amazon

    OtterBox Galaxy S21 Fe Passenger Case

    Dust cover:
    OtterBox passenger series

    Most cases with silicone plugs are usually tanks to keep dust, dirt, water, snow and sand out of your USB-C port, but the traveler will that protection for us while still in a moderately tight size. The rubber on the back also keeps it from slipping from anything.

    $ 45 at OtterBox

    Galaxy S21 Fe Crystal Liquid Spigen Series Case

    Show that color off:
    Spigen Liquid Crystal Series

    Samsung gave us special colors with the Galaxy S21 FE and Army not far off green and Lavendar much more beautiful, and the Liquid Crystal displays it perfectly. to hide smudges and scuffs, grab the Glitter version!

    • $ 15 at Amazon (Clear)

    • $ 16 at Amazon (Glitter)

    Parallax Galaxy S21 Fe Case Study

    A unique view:
    Parallax theology

    The 3D design over the back of this hybrid case is as diverse as it is segregated; you will love it or you will hate it. If you are a PopSocket user, do not be afraid: the texture here is shallow enough that you can still use phone handles.

    $ 17 at Amazon

    The best Galaxy S21 FE cases balance style and protection

    The huge popularity of the Galaxy S20 FE helped to invigorate high-end issues for the next generation, meaning we don’t have to wait for the good stuff like other phone series might. Name brand choices from Supcase, Caseology, Ringke, and more mean we can protect our new phones in style on Day One.

    I'm really excited to see Caseology Nano Pop come to the S21 FE, as the case only came to around five Samsung models in 2022. The Light Violet is the color I decided on my Lavender S21 and the S21 FE are going to look even better with it thanks to the better matched camera models. The Blueberry Fleet with yellow accents matches hundreds of sports teams (lucky next year, Michigan), but the Light Violet is perfect with the S21 FE.

    If you want to boost your protection a bit, Supcase and OtterBox have elegant rugged options, though Supcase will give you more for less with the UB Pro kickstand and silicone dust flap, which I highly recommend buying if you do garden work, shop work, or any work in a beautiful environment. Cover your USB-C port, use a miraculous wireless charger, and avoid the hassle or clutter of sawdust or splinters scratching up your single port.

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