Between the next-gen Oculus Quest and PSVR2, this is what our readers want

Between the next gen Oculus Quest and PSVR2 this is what

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Sony and Meta are preparing for the launch of the next - gen VR headsets, and they look very interesting, so we asked the readers what they are looking forward to between the next Oculus Quest and PSVR2. After all, both companies make some of the best VR headsets available and their successors are likely to come with a nice update.

Meta's Oculus Quest is still one of the most popular devices, so it's no surprise that around 50% of the votes were for the next - gen Oculus Quest 3 or Pro. Details about these tools are scarce, but we know that Meta uses them to push users further into the metaverse.

Sony surprised us with more details about the PSVR2, which is in shape to be an impressive device. Features such as USB-C connection and foveated connection should help enhance the experience. Of course, it will not come cheap, especially since it is being built for the PS5, which many people are still struggling with.

One reader, Starfleet Captain, says that they are looking forward to the next generation Oculus Quest, despite their doubts about Facebook / Meta:

I'm looking forward to the Quest 3 / Pro. My girlfriend surprised me with Quest 2 for Christmas and surprised / amazed me with the pictures, the amazing UI and how confident the controllers were! Suppose it is a standalone unit that does not require a PC! The VR community is also growing every day and it is very helpful. Technology can only evolve from here. The only thing that's reserved for me (very deeply) is that Facebook / Meta is behind its development. That's the least trusted company.

However, another reader, anscarlett, does not seem to be too pleased for either headset:

I'm looking forward to one with a 5g connection and wifi6e, no lock down to a dedicated platform, eye tracking, face tracking, an active keeper that can map whole buildings and also outdoor work, and full color pass.

If the Vive focus 3, which was connected to its USBC port, had additional eye, front and track cameras, that would do it for me.

There is still a lot of information that we do not know about these devices, and it may be some time before they reach the market. That said, the standard offerings are still a lot of fun.

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