Bitcoin’s high came to over $ 66K

Bitcoins high came to over 66K.jpgsignature410ac0b48fe3cf1e81170e8777eca807

Bitcoin soared to a new full-time high of more than $ 66,000 on Wednesday, a day after the first bitcoin-focused exchange traded fund was launched in the US.

The digital currency rose to $ 66,100, according to Coindesk. Highest previous medal base of $ 64,889 set in April, but fell below $ 30,000 in July.

The recent rally has been driven by the start of the ETF trading on the New York Stock Exchange. The US Securities and Exchange Commission the fund was approved as real time for the entire crypto industry.

Bitcoin Foundation Chairman Brock Pierce said the announcement “marks the beginning of a time when retail investors can invest directly into Bitcoin through the ETF and become an additional proof of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies across nationwide and worldwide. ”

Ether, the second largest digital currency with market capitalization, has also gone up since its release. According to Coindesk, the digital currency went over $ 4,000 on Wednesday.

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