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1641563960 BMW will be showcasing a color changing car

After mocking him a few weeks ago, BMW today officially unveiled the color - changing car at CES. The BMW iX Flow, as the German automaker has nicknamed this experimental vehicle, is wrapped in a form that is basically a type of e-paper, developed by BMW in collaboration with E Ink.

So far, we're only talking about black and white as color choices (with a few shades of gray in between), but that may change over time. And since just like your Kindle screen uses no energy after the content changes, the iX Flow's electrophoretic technology no longer uses any more energy after you choose your favorite color and design. to establish.

Image Credit: BMW

First and foremost, this is obviously about giving drivers more options to customize the look of their car. "This gives the driver the freedom to express different aspects of their personality or even their enjoyment of outdoor change, and to redefine each time they get into their car," he said. Stella Clarke, Project Leader for the BMW iX Flow with E Ink.

Currently, BMW only shows the entire surface of the vehicle changing at the same time, but you could easily think of the same as e-ink bumper stickers or - since this is the world in are we alive - full size side ads. the car.

BMW will be showcasing a color changing car

Image Credit: BMW

But BMW also argues that there are other incentives here. Drivers might be able to opt for a light surface on warm sunny days instead of a black one, taking heat, for example (or the other way around on cold days). “This reduces the amount of energy required by the vehicle's electrical system and also the vehicle's fuel or electricity consumption, "the company argues in a statement today." In a fully electric car , so changing the color depending on the weather can help increase the range.In the interior, the technology, for example, could prevent the dashboard from overheating. ”

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At the end of the day, that's a good advantage, but what most people just want is a supervillain - style color - changing car. They will never get these anytime soon, though. For now, this is just a test, with no ETA for when - or if - it comes to a production car.

1641563959 616 BMW will be showcasing a color changing car

Image Credit: BMW

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