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Brazil Abstra owns Accenture as a buyer and 23M

Abstra, which has developed a codeless tool for designers and programmers to build professional apps, has raised $ 2.3 million in a funding round led by SoftBank Latin America Fund.

Bruno Vieira Costa founded Rio de Janeiro based Abstra in March of 2020. Costa graduated from college in 2018 and already has one start-up sale under his belt. The serial entrepreneur, who claims to have been programming since he was seven, has previously co - founded and served as CTO until the startup of edtech, PaperX. That company sold to the largest edtech with enterprise support unfolded when Costa was 23 years old. Prior to college, he had also set up a game studio called Sinextra which claims to have "huge Brazilian customers."

His goal with Abstra is simple: to help people make apps without coding. It is especially good for organizations that want to deliver faster results or for non - technical departments that need to fly faster but rely on centralized engineering teams to get it all done. , according to Costa. Le Abstra, Young designers and programmers can build professional websites and applications "much faster than senior developers in large companies," Costa said.

"We allow easy - to - use customization without the UI limitations that any code tools typically have," he said.

While any code shouldn't be easy already, Costa believes some no coding tools struggle to serve designers as they require a lot of fine tuning as long as they do not have coding skills.

"Some are too technical and some just add interface tools," he said. "We are developing an approach that addresses both issues as it is easy to use and flexible."

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Abstra targets late-stage / high-tech technical companies and enterprise IT consulting firms. To date, the start - up MRR (monthly recycling revenue) has grown by an average of 45% and has landed 11 customers, including Accenture, Stone and Descomplica. The startup participated in the spring 2021 Y Combinator before it caught the eye of SoftBank. Iporanga, Alexia Ventures and some angels have also invested in the company.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemics, all businesses “need to go a little digital. ”

"This sparked the demand for software," Costa told TechCrunch. “But there are not enough developers available. So any code was very beneficial with this. ”

A young startup was given the opportunity to join Accenture, a consulting firm that had more than $ 50 billion in revenue in 2021, as Costa had a friend in common with some former working there.

“I showed our results from previous clients and a product demo and decided to run a pilot at that same meeting,” Costa told TechCrunch. “They are now one of our most active customers. As an enterprise consulting firm, using tools like ours will make them much more competitive. ”

Alexia Ventures's Patrick Arippol told TechCrunch that his company believes the "low opportunity or code is set in the early days. ”

"Abstra's first product showed a great deal of promise and potential at a global level, based on early customer feedback and the architecture of the product and the underlying properties," he wrote via email.

The start-up scheme plans to use the new capital specifically for eating up the nine-staff workforce, particularly across the engineering, marketing, sales and operations teams. aige.

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