Buy a Pixel 6 or 6 Pro at Verizon and get another one for free when you add a line

Buy a Pixel 6 or 6 Pro at Verizon and

The Google Pixel 6 and its talented brother or more, the Pixel 6 Pro are both great Android phones with clean software and of course, unique cameras. These phones are also reasonably priced compared to flagship designs from other manufacturers but Verizon takes their value to the next level. If you buy a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro from the carrier on a 24 or 30-month payment plan, you get a free second on a new line.

Both of these phones support Verizon's 5G network with mmWave Ultra Wideband, C - band support, and of course, 5G low - bandwidth nationwide. Unlike some unopened models, the Pixel 6 from Verizon is ready to deliver the best speeds the carrier can. Likewise, the Pixel 6 Pro is also network-ready.

There is no doubt that the Pixel 6 is one of the best Android phones you can buy with fast and responsive display, excellent camera performance, and of course, the latest version of Android directly from Google. The design language of Android 12 is well suited for the hardware with vibrant colors and UI elements that look good on the 90Hz OLED display of the Pixel 6 and even better on the 120Hz display of the Pixel 6 Pro.

If you’ve been looking to get a new family member tied up on your Verizon plan, this is the perfect opportunity to get two great holiday gifts for the price of one.


    Not one, but two Pixels when you install a new line at Verizon Wireless

    Google Pixel 6 128GB | Buy one get one

    Get one of the best Android phones ever with a massive 6.4-inch display, 128GB of storage, and great 5G performance. You also get the latest version of Android with the latest security and features.

    From $ 23.33 / mo. at Verizon Wireless

    Google Pixel 6 Pro Cloud White Render

    Google Pixel 6 Pro 128GB | Buy one get one

    The Pixel 6 Pro goes up just about every element with a larger and better 6.7-inch display with 120Hz refresh rate and higher resolution. It also has an additional camera with better zoom performance.

    From $ 29.99 / mo. at Verizon Wireless

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