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Cadillacs new self driving concept is a luxury love set on

After the introduction of a six-person self-driving box and the concept of a frikin riding drone last year, GM's latest luxury self-driving EV concept is much more basic. The concept of InnerSpace is like an exterior car from the outside - but inside, a two - seater love chair is surrounded by one of the widest screens we've ever seen. There is no steering wheel or pedals, of course. Instead, there is a built-in ottoman and section for slippers and a blanket. Where GM is going, you will not need some sort of manual control.

Even stepping into the car is like something from science fiction: the doors come out, while the giant windshield / sunroof rises. As always, concepts like InnerSpace are a way for car designers to flex their muscles and imagine what vehicles might look like in the future. While seemingly out of reach for most people, Cadillac’s richer customers might be enthralled by owning a personal spaceship. At least it's better for the environment than full - size luxury SUVs.

"Electrification and autonomous driving will fundamentally change the location of vehicles and the customer experience they experience," Bryan Nesbitt, GM's executive director of Global Advanced Design, said in a statement. exploring where we can go with these innovative concepts, seeing movement as a relationship of well-being, giving customers a luxurious, more personal time than taking it. ”

As someone who hates the driving action, but who lives in a place where I can't avoid it, it will be interesting to see how car manufacturers turn the concept vehicles into self - driving that result. And maybe after getting those wild designs through their systems, they’ll show us more concepts for self-driving family EVs.

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Editor's note: This article originally appeared on Engadget.

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