CES 2022: Eve Announces HomeKit Outdoor Cam, MotionBlinds for HomeKit Now Available to Order

1641292787 CES 2022 Eve Announces HomeKit Outdoor Cam MotionBlinds for HomeKit

Eve's MotionBlinds for HomeKit are now available for purchase.

Image: Eve

The 2022 installment of the Consumer Electronics Show is this week, and the announcements are already beginning. Eve is a company that makes a number of smart home products that support Apple’s HomeKit platform. It has recently been updating its line to support Matter’s Thread protocol, and has announced a couple to launch CES 2022.

The company 's MotionBlinds for HomeKit are now available for purchase worldwide. However, it looks like the landing page to find a Coulisse dealer is not yet alive. (Monday, am I right?) You can check out motionblinds.com/eve or selectblinds.com in the US for more information. Prices start at $ 332.50 on Select Blinds with the custom promotion.

The blinds integrate with Apple's HomeKit platform allowing you to use Siri to control the blinds. A battery-powered motor recharges you through a USB-C port, which is sure to be a problem and something you forget to eventually charge. Beyond that, the blinds seem to welcome EveK HomeKit's offer.


Eve's outdoor cam with HomeKit support

Image: Eve

Eve's second release is something I've personally wanted from any company - a floodlit outdoor camera that integrates with Apple's HomeKit Secure Video offering. The Eve Outdoor Cam is just that, and it launches on April 5 for $ 250.

The camera records 1080p video with 157-degree view, has infrared night vision, IP55 rating for water / dust resistance, and has two-way communication thanks to a built-in speaker and microphone.

Apple's HomeKit Secure Video platform requires an iCloud + plan that starts at $ 0.99 per month for a single camera (plus iCloud storage and other features). When activated, all registered records are encrypted and stored in your iCloud account. You can also get notifications when a person, animal, vehicle or package is found within the camera view.

There is no landing page for the camera on Eve's website, but you can read more about the company 's CES announcement here.

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