CES 2022 Liveblog (Day 1): Highlights and News from the Show (Updated)

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Late last year, Tile CEO CJ Prober accused Apple of becoming a runaway monopoly by releasing AirTags, claiming that Apple had restricted Tile access to the Find My Apple app. This year, rival company Chipolo announced a working wallet finder only by Apple's Find My app. The slim, dark Spot Card is designed to slip into your wallet against your bank cards. In addition to Lost Mode, iOS 15 also has a new "Notify When Left Behind" feature.

Tile does not take this news for granted. This year, it announced the acquisition of Lenovo 's new Thinkpad X1 line via Tile, which follows on from the 2022 announcement that HP would introduce new PC devices that also included Tile detection technology . That begs the question: What more do you need, your wallet or your phone? And do you need to find your stuff in this fact, or an improved one? Only time will tell.—Adrienne So

Withings designs a full body scan

Withings body scan.

Photo: Withings

When I first tested the Amazon Halo, a fitness tracker that uses digital whole body scans to determine your body fat percentage, the idea seemed terribly aggressive. However, we may all look at ourselves in more detail sooner than you think. Withings makes some of our favorite health equipment that is easy to use. At CES 2022, he unveiled the Scan Corp, a piece of attractive, warm glass that monitors biomarkers such as your heart rate, biologic health, and (ahem) “regional body shape. ”

Using the Withings Body Scan.

Photo: Withings

Body Scan is a glass platform consisting of four pressure sensors and 14 ITO electrodes, and treated with four steel electrodes. The battery lasts for a year per charge and displays your stats on a 3.2-inch high-resolution color LCD screen. In addition to a detailed, granular fat / water examination of your favorite organs, the Body Scan also measures the function of your sweat gland to see if your nerves are functioning properly, as well as heart health. If you want one soon, it may take a long time.

Withings is standing out among health companies for applying for a U.S. Food and Drug Administration license, instead of just selling equipment covered by a disclaimer. If you are going to get full body, it may be from a company that you can trust to make equipment that looks good. -Adrienne So

OLED display technology (“organic light emitting diode”) allows perfect black levels; because each pixel in the display acts as its own backlight, those pixels emit no light at all when they display a black tone. That's why more and more high-end TVs and mobile phones are sporting these advanced shows every year. One thing I have been waiting for is tiny OLED screens with low power for wearables and other devices. Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electricity, Electron Beam, and Plasma Technology FEP have successfully performed.

These tiny teenage OLED displays could look completely new for future consumer electronics, with more interactive buttons, directional, and a number of other features that the backlight does not have compared to conventional screens of the that size. As I write this I am looking at an audio mixer that has a traditional LED-backlit display, knowing how much sharper this technology could make it look when the light. Here's hope commercial applications soon. -Talla Parker

Backpack you can't miss

Backpack Targus Cypress Hero with “Find My.”

Photo: Targus

Apple's "Find My iPhone" feature has been around for a while, helping phone owners find or steal phones using GPS to pinpoint their location. Targus brings the tech to the latest Cypress Hero backpack. You can now use the Find My app to pinpoint the exact location of the block - and if you lose your iPhone, you can also push a button inside the block to push it.

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