Clean your ears the "Smart" way with this visual cleaner

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How do you clean your ears? If you said “cotton swabs” you would be joining the ranks of many of us who continue to poke and peel the earwax out of our ear canals, despite the fact that you may have heard that swabs do more harm than good. In fact, one study found that 68% of respondents do just that. It is time to change this practice.

Earwax, or scientifically known as cerumen, is a naturally occurring substance that helps protect and lubricate our ears, keeping out harmful substances such as dirt and grime. Without it, our ears would become itchy and dry. In general, our ears do not need additional cleaning, thanks to the cerumen's anti-bacterial properties. However, at those times when cleaning may result in extra earwax buildup, remove the swabs (or even worse, the bobby pins!), As they are prone to scratching. pushing the earwax further down the ear canal than pulling it out. , and consider this ingenious device.

Technology has permeated every aspect of our lives, and digital health is no exception. It's no surprise, then, that you can now even clean your ears with the help of a HD wide resolution camera and 1080P full HD that wirelessly streams a full view of the inside of your ear to your phone . The Smart Visual Ear Cleaner is the next generation of ear hygiene. You will have a front row chair of just what is hidden in those ears, and a clear picture of obstructions, buildups, or any other issues. The silicone earbuds spout out any stale earwax. It is safe and effective, and the perfect solution for cleansing your ears (and may also be used to examine other body parts such as your teeth, nasal cavities, and throat).

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So save the cotton swabs for your craft projects, or makeup applications, or for anything but ear cleaning, and invest in this sleek device. It comes with a handy storage box for $ 34.95 or stand-alone for $ 29.95.

Prices to be adjusted.

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