COVID-19: Salesforce pre-built website packages help businesses build roadside construction

1641561925 COVID 19 Salesforce pre built website packages help businesses build roadside construction

Businesses can add product data and speed up the process of getting sales and build products along the sidewalk by getting started with those all-in-one products.

With so many businesses forced to move to online ordering and roadside construction as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Salesforce has unveiled a new line of pre-built website packages aimed at has helped businesses speed up the process. By using site templates that can be filled in with product and price descriptions, companies can accelerate their transition to online sales and roadside construction as opposed to embarking on such efforts from the very beginning. .

That's the idea for Salesforce's new cloud trading product line, which incorporates website templates and services to build sites where customers can go and safely purchase a wide range of products picked up at the edge of a store in the age of the crown-virus.

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The new trade-in-the-box cloud offerings are available in versions for the sale of essential goods to consumers, kerbside and store-based services, business-to-business (B2B) sales, and restaurant store activity and grocery. The sites are accessible to businesses as their online business grows and grows as the pandemic situation changes over time, according to Salesforce. The websites include desktop and mobile versions so that customers can reach businesses using any device.

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Packages start at $ 99,000 a year for B2B sites, $ 125,000 a year for online shopping and kerbside construction sites, $ 195,000 for essential goods outlets, and $ 390,000 for grocery stores and off-the-shelf construction sites. highway. They are designed for use by businesses with any level of technical knowledge, from beginners to experts.

As the pandemic spreads, online sales are helping many companies stay in business, providing consumers with the services and products they need, many of which are still under stay-at-home orders as store fronts remain closed. That trend in online shopping traffic was evident in the Salesforce Q1 Shopping Index, which found 45% year-over-year online shopping growth in April 2022. That increase was driven by a spike 51% in mobile activity and 50% increase in desktop traffic. , according to the study.
Websites that offer consumers and businesses the ability to shop online and then build their products in store (BOPIS) or through the sidewalk or route through digital revenue growth have seen of 27% year over year for Q1, according to the data. That compares with revenue growth of 13% Q1 for companies that do not currently offer BOPIS.

These prices could, however, leave many small businesses that could use such services but cannot currently afford them after struggling for two months due to closure and significant reduction in sales due to coronavirus pandemic.

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“These products were built in response to this crisis, but we changed our cloud trading platform, integration, and service offerings to package them in an easy-to-use format,” said Mike Micucci, Head of Cloud commerce and community cloud. at Salesforce. “We launched our first solution in just three weeks after businesses started closing in early March, and we will be creating more solutions as business needs continue to change as we move. -into the reopening stage and return to work of the emergency. ”

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The new offerings are designed for all types of businesses, regardless of size, industry, and where they are on their roadmaps to become digital businesses, Micucci said. “Our various levels of COVID-19 emergencies were taken into account during their creation, including the reopening phase, the recovery phase and the 'next normal' so that the solutions are not straightforward. for one minute in time compared to other technologies out there. They are built to grow and scale with your business in the future. "


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The new products will help with those actions, he said. "Getting fast online is an important first step ... -first economy while providing an unparalleled digital experience."

Salesforce’s commercial cloud products include everything needed to advance the sites, from creation using pre-built store front templates to site usage, web hosting, and support from Salesforce through managed services as part of the packages. The sites are built using a combination of uncoded clicking to select a wide range of preset options or manual coding by developers to add custom coding as you like, Micucci said. Marketing and page design tools are also included. Businesses can use their own branding and logos and customize their sites to meet their needs and goals.

The website and e-commerce packages also come with a wide range of other Salesforce tools, including the first set of mobile capabilities such as data-driven mobile UX, payment One-touch and responsive design that allows web pages to automatically switch to screens across any device. . In addition, cloud trading is integrated with the Salesforce service cloud and cloud marketing services, which provide additional ways for businesses to engage with visitors in new and emerging channels.

Using the new Salesforce templates, websites for B2B or retailers of essential goods can be built in about two weeks, and websites for kerbside vendors and store building can be built there in about three weeks, according to Salesforce. The grocery stores and restaurants can be picked up in about 10 weeks. The pre-built packages include a wide range of required functions, including order building and management, product recommendations with the power of artificial intelligence (AI), payment and billing collection, tax collection, shipping services, and more.


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