Deloitte partners with NVIDIA to launch artificial intelligence computing center

1640160398 Deloitte partners with NVIDIA to launch artificial intelligence computing center

The Deloitte Center for AI Computing aims to deliver an accelerated platform to innovate with messengers and accelerate the development of AI applications.

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Deloitte has launched the Deloitte Center for AI Computing, designed to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence offerings for its clients. The center is built on NVIDIA’s DGX A100 systems to create a high-end computing architecture that will assist Deloitte clients in their efforts to become AI-fueled organizations.

The accelerated computing platforms will feature NVIDIA graphics processing unit technology, along with its network and software for advanced data processing, analytics and AI by enabling large parallel processing and speed to learn depth, machine learning and data science workload, the company said.

Deloitte’s State of AI survey found that more than half of respondents reported spending over $ 20 million over the past year on AI technology and talent.

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Almost all adopters reported using AI to improve efficiency, and mature adopters are also using the technologies to promote differentiation. Further, adopters said they are gaining competitive advantage and expect AI - powered transformation to occur for both the organization and their business, according to the study.

The Deloitte Center for AI Computing will deliver an accelerated platform the company said will allow it to innovate with messengers and accelerate the development of new AI applications.

“The Deloitte Center for AI Computing is a forward-looking effort that combines Deloitte’s in-depth AI experience with the powerful supercomputing capabilities of NVIDIA DGX A100 systems to innovate with clients and accelerate the journey from AI testing to AI-fueled organizations , "said Jason Girzadas, managing principal, at Deloitte Consulting, in a statement. “Our collaboration with NVIDIA can quickly enable clients to deliver the full promise of AI solutions to transform both their businesses and the professional service base. "

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Deloitte said the facility is significantly expanding its ability to develop AI systems that began at the AI ​​Exploration Lab in Austin, Texas, and the AI ​​Factory in Canada.

“AI is moving from research labs to industry, and Deloitte’s efforts will outweigh its reach,” NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang said in a statement. "Every business will be transformed by AI. Products and services will be reshaped by AI. Companies will become learning tools and their people will be supported by AI. Together with a global force of experienced experts Deloitte, we will look at realizing this vision. "

Various industries, such as technology, media and telecommunications; government and public services, life sciences and health care, automation and transportation, financial services, and energy are accelerating the adoption of AI, Deloitte noted.

The Deloitte Center for AI Computing will provide these organizations with a platform, computing knowledge, and resources to accelerate the development of a wide range of AI applications, from autonomous vehicles to digital communications centers to public sector innovation, the company said.

The center will collaborate with the Deloitte AI Institute, which aims to support the progressive growth and development of AI through innovative conversations and research, the company said. It will also focus on building ecosystem relationships that will help advance human-machine collaboration in an Age of With, a world where humans work side-by-side with machines, according to Deloitte.


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