Democrats hit Amazon for details of tornado warehouse deaths

democrats hit amazon for details of tornado warehouse deaths

Senators and House of Representatives including Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Cori Bush have sent a letter to Amazon asking if the company's policies played a part in the deaths of six employees following a tornado hit a warehouse in Illinois earlier this month. As a result of a severe weather event on December 10, at least 58 people died across the Midwest. The performance center was destroyed in what happened.

In the letter, Democratic lawyers claim that "Amazon jeopardizes employee safety in both everyday and emergency situations" and that the incident "fits a larger pattern." The group asked CEO Andy Jassy and executive chairman Jeff Bezos if "Amazon policies have contributed to this tragedy."

Seniors and delegates want details of Amazon’s security policies and information about the staff at the performance center on the day of the event. They also want to know if the company asked workers to stay at the warehouse against a tornado warning.

The list of queries and requests also includes requests for details of all on-site employee deaths over the past 10 years, communications from warehouse managers to employees between 10 December and December 12 and “copies of all company emails sent through a course dealing with this disaster“ for the same timeframe. ”The organization - which includes Reps, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, and Sens, Bernie Sanders and Ed Markey - reply by 3rd January.

The lawyers also raised concerns about Amazon 's reported plans to ban retaliation against employees using phones on the warehouse floor. The company confirmed over the weekend that it would allow employees to continue using telephones. Employees requested access to their devices to receive safety warnings and stay in touch during emergencies.

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Report by Bloomberg last week they reported on an exchange between a local delivery driver and a retailer. The mediator told the driver to "keep delivering" packages, despite a warning horn and radar indicating that a tornado strike was imminent. Amazon said the navigator did not follow safety instructions and should have instructed the driver to find shelter. He is investigating the matter.

"Amazon's profits should never come at the expense of the life, health and safety of our community," Rep. Bush said An Verge in a statement. "This cannot be the cost of doing business in America." Two of the workers who died were Bush voters.

“We are reviewing the letter and will respond directly, but at the moment we are focusing on caring for our staff and partners, the family members of those who was killed by the tornado, and the communities affected by this crash, "Amazon spokesman Kelly Nantel told Engadget.

Updated 12/20 12:50 PM ET: He attached the letter and further information.

Updated 12/20 1:25 PM ET: We've added an Amazon statement.

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