Description: Do you prefer glass or plastic backs on smartphones?

1641671773 Description Do you prefer glass or plastic backs on smartphones

Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

In the world of smartphones, one of the main differences between low-end and high-end devices is the material from which they are made. While aluminum used to run over smartphones today, these days, the battle is largely between two materials: plastic and glass.

While there are pros and cons to both, we are curious about what our readers prefer behind their smartphones.

When it comes to the best Android phones, you are likely to find glass on the back of the device. While glass has the unfortunate character of being prone to scratches, fingerprints, and, of course, the annoying crack, it often gives smartphones a more precious look and feel while it does. contribute to some of the emotions that consumers may appreciate. In addition, the use of Corning's Gorilla Glass makes these phones significantly more susceptible to this type of damage (at least on paper), which should be given to consumers. some seeming relief.

However, if you have a glass back on your phone, we always recommend checking out some amazing features to protect your investment.

Then there are the phones with plastic backs. This is usually found on lower end models, but even some high-end smartphones could not resist the advantages of plastic. That involves less weight and, of course, a back that is more stable and less prone to cracking. High-end phones also tend to go the “glass” route by doing so show as it is frosted glass, like the base Galaxy Note 20 or the Galaxy S21.

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Samsung is reportedly cutting back the glass for the base Galaxy S22 for a glass back, which some may be aware (and some, of course, will not).

There’s also the aluminum track that Google uses on the Pixel 5, but it’s covered in a thick plastic cover, so you may never feel the aluminum. Of course, it would be nice if all OEM smartphones had some Moto Maker type customization so that we could bring back rubber, wood and leather.

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