Do you really understand Squid Game? UTalk Language Education can help

Do you really understand Squid Game UTalk Language Education can.jpegsignature0d8a2dda824edf21b4a17da0613a9711

TLDR: UTalk Language Education offers innovative games and several other learning tools to quickly become fluent in your favorite language.

Who would have thought that a small TV show from South Korea would be the hottest show in the English-speaking world? Sprinkle a few Hunger Games over Southeast Asia and you have Squid Game, the worldwide smash the planet is talking about.

And the way you really know how amazing a program is can be summed up in one simple fact: the number of people interested in learning Korean is up 76 percent in the UK, and 40 per cent in the US in the two weeks since the show debuted on Netflix.

If you want to get ready to enjoy Season 2 in its native language, UTalk Language Education ($ 19.99, 66 percent off, from TNW Deals) can help you become fluent in Korean and practically any other language you can think of.

While other language learning systems take strange paths, which are overly complex and time consuming, uTalk uses a different approach. You choose one of the more than 140 available uTalk languages ​​(yep, including Korean) and the system's innovative features can start to seed learners with real world vocabulary and grammar rules almost instantly, with nothing more than a smartphone, tablet or other web-enabled device leading the training.

The uTalk teachers' native speakers, each bring their own unique flavor to getting students through basic words and phrases that may be relevant to everyday life. Learners choose from over 60 different subjects, leading language acquisition whichever side they choose, supported by over 180 hours of training materials to ensure learning continues .

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And just like its previous 30 million uTalk students, the uTalk method uses talking games to help evaluate your learning to ensure you stay on track to full fluency.

Whether you’re heading to Seoul to compete for a winning 45.6 billion or 139 anywhere else around the planet, your uTalk training can help you mix as a native.

Right now, customers can dig into their preferred language with a lifetime of uTalk Language Education access at two-thirds of its original price, sold for just $ 19.99.

Prices are subject to change

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