‘Don’t Look Up’ is a star-studded scare against a climate apocalypse

Dont Look Up is a star studded scare against a climate

A comet is headed to Earth, and despite terrible warnings from scientists, almost everyone is paying close attention. That is the basic premise Don't look up, the latest film from Adam McKay to appear on Netflix today. It balances the harsh social commentary from his latest Oscar-nominated films (The Great Short and Leas), with the humorous absurdity from his early beats, as Anchorman and Talladega Night. The result is somewhat uneven and a little too long, but it's also a battle against the science - fiction reality that we live through today.

The comet is an obvious metaphor for climate change, an apocalyptic situation that we are saddened by as governments drag their heels, the fossil fuel industry is on the verge of ignorance and the some people go about their lives miserably about the future. But Don't look up also describes the declining humanitarian response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a global catastrophe that has killed more than five million people.

The title of the film is a mantra used by a conservative president (Meryl Streep) to make his supporters with red caps look down on the ground, and not easily seen on the shiny comet in the skies. speuran. It's hard not to remember the politics of COVID - 19, which has denied its existence and despised vaccines, all because of something they heard on Fox News or their family's Facebook group .

After two astronauts (brilliantly played by Leonardo DiCaprio and spooky Jennifer Lawrence) head to the White House with news of the impending destruction of the Earth in six months, they have to wait. President Streep Orlean is dealing with a possible scandal surrounding a nominee in the Supreme Court, obviously that's more important. By the time they landed the Earth's impending doom, Orlean preferred to wait and do nothing. "How much will this cost me? What is required?" she says.

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As the two scientists try to spread the word, first by releasing the doomsday situation to the media, and then by becoming their own media personalities, the film takes a scattering goal of criticizing our society today. Good Mark Rylance plays the Jobs-meet-Zuckerberg action group, the kind of mogul who thinks of innovation as a phone that is always on the lookout to resolve negative emotions. . impending destruction.


Don't look up sometimes feels like it's pounding down, especially when it's focused on the plight of President Orlean's conservative fans. But the film is not afraid to criticize everyone, even scientists. Both characters have difficulty expressing the importance of their discovery correctly. And when astronaut DiCaprio finds his media feet, he's completely part of the government's propaganda machine.

By the time the American government finally decides to do something about the comet - merely because it is in the President 's best interest, of course - it is decorated in a loving display work, as if Michael Bay tone guide George W. Bush deaf 2003 Mission Accomplished speech. I won't spoil where the movie goes from there, but it's clearly spoiling Bay's Armageddon. One war hero and a giant rocket is all it takes to stop a planet from being threatened, right?

Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Timothee Chalamet buy in Don't Look Up


Don't look up it's not entirely successful - the comedy is lost or lost, and it could benefit greatly from a shorter and more focused narration. But the last act hits a wall, sometimes resetting situations I saw in too many troubled dreams. If the world really were coming to an end in a few months, how would you go? What do we owe to one another, as a civilization? And what will it take to protect this planet from vampires seeking profit, which would endanger humanity for a few more resources? Adam McKay has no answers. But his anger is something we all understand.

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