Dropbox users rejoice! The Apple M1 version is dropping next year

Dropbox users rejoice The Apple M1 version is dropping next.jpgsignature5b0ca2aad37d8c35c18eb31586703006

Because of their performance and power, it's natural to be fooled by Apple's new line of ARM - based MacBooks. I made the switch to the Air with M1 power earlier this year, so it would not surprise me that many of you would be monitoring the Pro with the M1X processor - despite the not.

To run the app, you need to use Apple emulation software called Rosetta. It may have been the right solution, but many people were not happy with the pressure on the battery.

On his forums, when people raised this issue, a Dropbox employee said in July that the post and need more votes from users is a priority.

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Fortunately, many people seem to be impressed with how the company has officially announced that the Dropbox app supports the native M1 architecture coming next year (while and they also admit that the upvoting was silly) ::

Dropbox currently supports Apple M1 through Rosetta. We have an in-house build for Apple M1 native support, which we are currently testing and are committed to releasing in the first half of 2022. While we constantly ask for feedback from users and input about new products or features, this should not have been one of those situations.

We don’t have a definite date as to when the app might be out, so until then, you have to rely on the Rosetta-based version. Womp boireannachp.

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