ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 OMNI Self-Cleaning Machine Cleaner Unveiled at CES 2022

ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 OMNI Self Cleaning Machine Cleaner Unveiled at CES

During CES 2022, we have already seen a number of interesting technical announcements and it looks like there will be many more. ECOVACS today unveiled their latest robot vacuum, the DEEBOT X1 OMNI. He is designed with modern life in mind and can empty his own bin, refill his water tank, and both clean and dry his mops using the docking station. includes. In addition, there is an excellent switch and material finder to provide a more detailed and hassle-free cleaning session.

That way, instead of needing to empty the rubbish bin, daily owners only need to empty a large bag inside the dock every few weeks. Not to mention, you only need to refill the dock water tank now and then instead of having to refill the gap water tank and clean the mop every day. It really delivers a much more hands-on experience than we’ve seen before.

It's powerful with a 5000Pa switch and dual spinning mops for better scratching than you'll find on most robot vacuums. There is also a camera that allows him to find objects in his path and avoid them. That way it maps your home more efficiently, cleans it up in neat rows, and keeps your home in shape. The X1 OMNI looks great too. That’s because his design was inspired by the minimalist and slim look of sports cars. It will look great in any home.

Control over the use of the included app. You can set up cleaning schedules, set unauthorized zones, or tell him to clean up in specific areas. You can also adjust the switch levels, monitor the progress of your cleaner, and more directly from your phone. It has an MSRP of $ 1,549 for Empty Station and Auto-Clean combo. ECOVACS also offers other units within the DEEBOT X1 line that cost less but do not come with a station.

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