Enhance your golf game with this best-selling golf simulator

1640593540 Enhance your golf game with this best selling golf simulator


Technology has made golf, and golf coaching more accessible. Before that, you had to travel and bring expensive clubs with you to enjoy good courses. Now, LIDAR scanning and simulation tools have made it possible to work every day - on the most difficult courses in the world - without leaving your home.

If you miss the connections once the snow falls, the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator uses advanced software and sensors to give you a full experience of real courses.

The heart of TruGolf is the E6 CONNECT software. It offers a full range of analytics to accurately parse your game, with 97 courses full of simulations, areas of practice, and other tools to keep your mind on the course.

The software collects data from the TruGolf Mini sensor. Attached to the trainer's hand, the sensor tracks club direction, front angle, attack angle, and swing speed. With each swing, the post-swing analyzer offers information that you can use to develop the next one. And as the data accumulates over time, you get a more complete picture of your game.

The impact trainer is built to feel just like a real club, down to weightlifting. It even has a built-in "click" when you connect with the ball to create a feel of a hard blow off the tee.

This simulator offers you skill challenges, mini-games, exercises, and other tools to keep working on your game. Since it works with both iOS and PCs, you can take it with you and set it up anywhere. Whether you are new to golf and want to improve or you do not want to let your game slip in the winter, you will find that this is the perfect opportunity to keep your eye on the ball. For a limited time, get the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator on sale for $ 254.15 (reg. $ 399) with promo code MERRY15.

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