Facebook has reportedly changed its name - and we have some comments

Facebook has reportedly changed its name and we have.jpgsignature988431f44475cb0e2da7578a8de629f9

Word on the grapevine is that the social media platform Facebook is planning to change its name.

This powerful rebranding, according to The Verge, is happening for one reason: an metaverse. In fact, Zuck wants to position Facebook as more of a social media company.

To the best of our knowledge, this move appears to be a Google reorganization under the name of the Alphabet. That means the Facebook app itself is unlikely to change its name, instead there will be a shadow business where the company will have all the individual units.

In other words, when you start up WhatsApp, it doesn't say "With Facebook" anywhere. A new moniker will replace it

Viewed from this point of view, the rebranding makes sense. The company has been pumping a lot of resources into the upcoming AR products and THE ZUCKMAN has been clear about its goals in terms of building the metaverse.

Credit: Maurizio Pesce / Markus Spiske - edited

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