Facebook spy urges Zuck to resign - good luck with that

Facebook spy urges Zuck to resign good luck with.jpgsignature619828d14630636fc2a5c674452f56c8

Facebook has a "problem" like saying it is wet. This year has been a difficult year for Zuck and co with Capitol Riots and incorrect vaccine information to handle.

However, these did not compare with the last few weeks. The Facebook papers - a set of documents inside the company - have revealed horrific things about how the company thinks about young users, developing countries, and hateful content on its platform. .

Last night, Frances Haugen, the spy who handed over all of these documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), said in her first public speech in weeks that Mark Zuckerberg should resign.

She believes that, despite the recent PR exercises and satefy's promises, nothing will change without leadership reform:

I don't think the company is likely to change if it does [Mark Zuckerberg] still Chief. Maybe it's an opportunity for someone else to take the reins ... Facebook would be stronger with someone who was willing to focus on safety.

Haugen is not the first man Zuck wants to step down as CEO. In 2022, several shareholders called for his resignation. Over the years, many columns have been rooting for this outcome.

But hey, this is Zuck's world, and we just live in it. Last week, it announced a major rebrand of Facebook to Meta. In addition, he announced his intentions for building a new virtual world: metaverse. So who cares about what happens in the real world, eh?


    Possible replacements

    It's hard to imagine Zuck resigning from the CEO anytime soon. But what if it happens?

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    There are several candidates to take over. One of the main options would be Andrew Bosworth, the veteran who built News Feed. He currently serves as head of Reality Labs, an integral part of Meta’s new direction.

    Another candidate for the lead role is COO Sheryl Sandberg, who joined the company in 2008 from Google. She has been a chief executive in keeping the company out of controversy, and defended Zuck in the process.

    While these two are the top candidates for the CEO position, CMO Alex Schultz and CPO Chris Cox could also run. But we do not have to worry about that, because Zuck is not going anywhere. Blink twice if I'm right, Mark.

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