Feeling overwhelmed? Start Someday-Maybe-Later list

Feeling overwhelmed Start Someday Maybe Later list

There are times when you get so busy you just have to hide from that endless to do list. You're plagued by playing pork, rushing to reduce the steady demand but not sure you're "crushing it." You are worried that you have forgotten something important and you are worried that you are not making progress on what is important.

As a life coach, I've seen how starting a "Someday-Maybe-Later" list can help. Making conscious choices to set aside or postpone tasks will help to remove some of the pressure immediately so you can focus. In addition, with a little structure you can turn it into a “main project list,” the kind of tool production tool that experts recommend, to prevent over-the-counter in the future.

Oppose the reality of the moment

While time management gurus propose different systems, the general advice is to capture all requests, actions and responsibilities. Throughout his commendable book, Getting it done: The art of weightless productivity, David Allen emphasizes the importance of “open loops,” or recording unfinished work, in order to give your full attention to the task at hand. a number of things to do and still work productively with a clear head and a good sense of calm control. ”

Most recently, Cal Newport, author of several books, among them Deep Work: Rules for Targeted Success in a Drawn World, he also persuaded a hard listener of his Deep questions podcast to "address the productivity dragon." He noted that “ambiguous responsibilities… [have] unfortunately being commonplace in our current era of largely isolated and increasingly fraught work. ”

Like Allen, Newport recommends having a designated place to keep track of all duties so you can remember where to find them. In an email conversation, he described his system: “I have a special place to keep track of responsibilities (executive board, of course) for all my professional roles. Each place maintains a list of things that need to be clarified and explained. So, if something obscure but important comes across my record, I can immediately capture it without having to work hard to find out exactly what this obscure duty is. means in practice. ”

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While this will require the extra effort to capture actions as they arise, Newport points to the negative impact of the alternative: “If you do not have a record of all that is to come. you have to do it, you will forget or be late for many, many things. ”

Time management expert Laura Vanderkam also recommends you get a complete and detailed look. But instead of looking at future responsibilities, the author has 168 Hours: You have more time than you think recommends recording everything you have done every half hour of the week. In a telephone conversation, she explained, “If you do not know where your time is going now, you do not have the data to know who you are working with to make improvements in the future. ”

When I said this exercise could be scary, she said, “It's not about playing 'Gotcha! You've spent too much time on Netflix or Instagram. ' It's about approaching life with a spirit of curiosity. Once you keep track of your time, you begin to think about how you want to fill your time and learn what you can do that you once mistakenly assumed you could. ”

Find an easier way to get started

If you think, “easier said than done,” you are not alone. Unsurprisingly, my coaching clients talk about new and complete systems when they have trouble finding time to eat lunch or use the bathroom.

What helped instead was a more manageable Someday-Maybe-Later list: a simple “parking area”, not just for things you might want to do, as Allen suggests , but also to delay projects or anything that seems "blobby" or sick. - explained. With a clear framework, the task of typing out or writing tasks to set aside gives you control and makes you feel stronger. It empowers you to prioritize, say no, delegate, and dismiss.

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