Flexbooker online meeting service breakdown reveals data of 3.7 million users

flexbooker online meeting service breakdown reveals data of 3 7 million users

A group of hackers is selling a database of stolen information from FlexBooker, a cloud-based meeting recording tool that contains sensitive data from customers. according to Bleeping Computer, the company suffered a security breach before the holidays and notified their customers of the attack in an email, where it was revealed that their Amazon AWS servers had been hacked on December 23rd. . He also acknowledged that their system data storage has been accessed and downloaded.

Based on information from Have I Been Pwned, the breakdown resulted in 3.7 million accounts containing partial email addresses, names, passwords, phone numbers and credit card numbers. Bleeping Computer said an organization called Uawrongteam took credit for the attack and shared links to archives with the stolen data, which the group also said included user driver licenses, other IDs, salt passwords and hashed passwords. Typical FlexBooker customers are people who need to be able to quickly schedule appointments with attendees, such as doctors, lawyers, dentists, gyms, mechanics, salons, trains, therapists and so on.

In a Flexbooker email to consumers, he said the infiltrators did not receive "credit card or any other payment card information." Before the Flexbooker, Uawrongteam previously sued for other data breaches and also traded databases with stolen information from its previous targets. -includes data from Racing.com, a digital TV network that broadcasts horse racing, and from the rediCASE Case Management Software solution for health services and other industries.

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